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Pasión de gavilanes

The Reyes-Elizondo's idyllic lives are shattered by a murder charge against Eric and León.

  • Release:
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  • Cast:
  • Genre:
  • 2003-10-21
  • 7.7
  • Danna García / Juan A. Baptista / Mario Cimarro / Paola Rey / Natasha Klauss /
  • Drama /

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Seasons & Episodes

2 1
Season 2 | 24 Episodes
  • EP24 Episode 24

  • EP23 Episode 23

  • EP22 Episode 22

  • EP21 Episode 21

  • EP20 Episode 20

  • EP19 Episode 19

  • EP18 Episode 18

  • EP17 Episode 17

  • EP16 Episode 16

  • EP15 Episode 15

  • EP14 Episode 14

  • EP13 Episode 13

  • EP12 Episode 12

  • EP11 Reyes Under Attack

    The Reyes’ lives are in danger because of a clash; Rosario gets tired of waiting for Juan David.

  • EP10 Where Is Adela?

    Félix Carreño has a nervous breakdown when Juan Reyes asks him about Adela.

  • EP9 Burning Desire

    Rosario wants to seduce Juan David; he can't imagine what she has in store for him.

  • EP8 Victim of Manipulation

    Romina uses her son to demand money from Óscar; a secret turns into a time bomb.

  • EP7 A Storm from the Past

    Sara Elizondo explodes with jealousy when Rosario Montes hires Sara´s son at Bar Alcalá.

  • EP6 A Hunch

    Juan is willing to use violence to get the truth from the twins.

  • EP5 Ultimatum

    Óscar Reyes is summoned by the police; he is being charge with obstruction of justice.

  • EP4 A Passion in Stakes

    When she gets her first face-to-face meeting with Juan David Reyes, Rosario Montes drops her guard.

  • EP3 Endangered Love

    Juan and Norma confront each other; Óscar Reyes discovers one of the secrets his nephews are hiding.

  • EP2 After the Enemy

    Eric and Leon Reyes are willing to risk everything to discover who is blackmailing them.

  • EP1 Beyond a Threat

    The Reyes Elizondo family is troubled by a murder charge against their twin children.

  • EP188 Episode 188

  • EP187 Episode 187

  • EP186 Episode 186

  • EP185 Episode 185

  • EP184 Episode 184

  • EP183 Episode 183

  • EP182 Episode 182

  • EP181 Episode 181

  • EP180 Episode 180

  • EP179 Episode 179

  • EP178 Episode 178

  • EP177 Episode 177

  • EP176 Episode 176

  • EP175 Episode 175

  • EP174 Episode 174

  • EP173 Episode 173

  • EP172 Episode 172

  • EP171 Episode 171

  • EP170 Episode 170

  • EP169 Episode 169

  • EP168 Episode 168

  • EP167 Episode 167

  • EP166 Episode 166

  • EP165 Episode 165

  • EP164 Episode 164

  • EP163 Episode 163

  • EP162 Episode 162

  • EP161 Episode 161

  • EP160 Episode 160

  • EP159 Episode 159

  • EP158 Episode 158

  • EP157 Episode 157

  • EP156 Episode 156

  • EP155 Episode 155

  • EP154 Episode 154

  • EP153 Episode 153

  • EP152 Episode 152

  • EP151 Episode 151

  • EP150 Episode 150

  • EP149 Episode 149

  • EP148 Episode 148

  • EP147 Episode 147

  • EP146 Episode 146

  • EP145 Episode 145

  • EP144 Episode 144

  • EP143 Episode 143

  • EP142 Episode 142

  • EP141 Episode 141

  • EP140 Episode 140

  • EP139 Episode 139

  • EP138 Episode 138

  • EP137 Episode 137

  • EP136 Episode 136

  • EP135 Episode 135

  • EP134 Episode 134

  • EP133 Episode 133

  • EP132 Episode 132

  • EP131 Episode 131

  • EP130 Episode 130

  • EP129 Episode 129

  • EP128 Episode 128

  • EP127 Episode 127

  • EP126 Episode 126

  • EP125 Episode 125

  • EP124 Episode 124

  • EP123 Episode 123

  • EP122 Episode 122

  • EP121 Episode 121

  • EP120 Episode 120

  • EP119 Episode 119

  • EP118 Episode 118

  • EP117 Episode 117

  • EP116 Episode 116

  • EP115 Episode 115

  • EP114 Episode 114

  • EP113 Episode 113

  • EP112 Episode 112

  • EP111 Episode 111

  • EP110 Episode 110

  • EP109 Episode 109

  • EP108 Episode 108

  • EP107 Episode 107

  • EP106 Episode 106

  • EP105 Episode 105

  • EP104 Episode 104

  • EP103 Episode 103

  • EP102 Episode 102

  • EP101 Episode 101

  • EP100 Episode 100

  • EP99 Episode 99

  • EP98 Episode 98

  • EP97 Episode 97

  • EP96 Episode 96

  • EP95 Episode 95

  • EP94 Episode 94

  • EP93 Episode 93

  • EP92 Episode 92

  • EP91 Episode 91

  • EP90 Episode 90

  • EP89 Episode 89

  • EP88 Episode 88

  • EP87 Episode 87

  • EP86 Episode 86

  • EP85 Episode 85

  • EP84 Episode 84

  • EP83 Episode 83

  • EP82 Episode 82

  • EP81 Episode 81

  • EP80 Episode 80

  • EP79 Episode 79

  • EP78 Episode 78

  • EP77 Episode 77

  • EP76 Episode 76

  • EP75 Episode 75

  • EP74 Episode 74

  • EP73 Episode 73

  • EP72 Episode 72

  • EP71 Episode 71

  • EP70 Episode 70

  • EP69 Episode 69

  • EP68 Episode 68

  • EP67 Episode 67

  • EP66 Episode 66

  • EP65 Episode 65

  • EP64 Episode 64

  • EP63 Episode 63

  • EP62 Episode 62

  • EP61 Episode 61

  • EP60 Episode 60

  • EP59 Episode 59

  • EP58 Episode 58

  • EP57 Episode 57

  • EP56 Episode 56

  • EP55 Episode 55

  • EP54 Episode 54

  • EP53 Episode 53

  • EP52 Episode 52

  • EP51 Episode 51

  • EP50 Episode 50

  • EP49 Episode 49

  • EP48 Episode 48

  • EP47 Episode 47

  • EP46 Episode 46

  • EP45 Episode 45

  • EP44 Episode 44

  • EP43 Episode 43

  • EP42 Private Secretary

    After setting some ground rules with his new employer, Franco accepts an unusual, high-visibility job, and later comes home to a surprise.

  • EP41 Franco's Strategy

    Franco contacts Eduvina. Norma goes to the Reyes home for a dinner date. Gabriela's social life suffers. Raquel demands that Leandor fire Óscar.

  • EP40 Norma Leaves the Ranch

    Gabriela begs Fernando not to move out of the ranch. Norma takes up a new residence. Eduvina pays Franco a visit at the fruit stand.

  • EP39 Norma's Secret

    Jimena decides where she wants to live. Juan and Norma can no longer hide their feelings. Fernando overhears a name, and comes clean to Gabriela.

  • EP38 Daughter's Rescue

    After hearing horrifying gossip about Jimena and Óscar, Gabriela takes action. A turn of events brings Norma and Juan face to face.

  • EP37 I'm Not Accustomed to This

    Jimena finds a note with strangely familiar handwriting. Ruth asks Leandro for a favor on behalf of Óscar. Rosario issues Franco an ultimatum

  • EP36 A Life Change

    Óscar asks Franco to make a sacrifice. Tensions between Rosario and Pepita boil over. Jimena has a rough first night. Rosario gets a job offer.

  • EP35 Dealing With Jimena

    Gabriela decides what to do about Jimena and Óscar. Juan prepares to reopen the bakery. Pancha warns Franco he's in danger of losing Rosario

  • EP34 Óscar and Jimena's Big Day

    Gabriela and Sarita coerce Jimena and Óscar into returning to the ranch. Rosario learns Armando gave Pepita a ring. Juan threatens to disown Óscar.

  • EP33 The Cottage

    Óscar and Jimena set a careful plan in motion. Sarita becomes suspicious and investigates. The Elizondos demand an explanation from Juan and Franco.

  • EP32 Gateway to Commitment

    Óscar puts his foot down over Jimena's wedding. Juan decides to face reality and force the Elizondos to do the same. Gabriela and Sarita hava a scare.

  • EP31 The Divorce Decision

    Norma makes a choice between duty and love. Armando's manipulations affect Rosario. Leandro tells Jimena of Ruth's close relationship with Óscar.

  • EP30 The key is the commercial

    In Santa Clara, Norma witnesses a shocking scene that brings her to a decision about her future. Rosario is frustrated with Franco's lack of ambition.

  • EP29 A new singer

    Norma asks Eva to give a letter to Juan. Ruth's curiosity is piqued when Juan calls her Libia. Armando employs a new tactic to get Rosario back.

  • EP28 Norma's surprise

    The Elizondos learn what's wrong with Norma. Armando tries to make Rosario jealous. Norma is pressured to stay married. Jimena gives Oscar a test.

  • EP27 Accept me as I am

    Franco and Rosario argue over her boundaries of her job duties. Oscar goes an eerie outing with Ruth. Juan shows Norma the reality of his life.

  • EP26 Jimena's Return

    The Elizondos commit an oversight. A dinner with Ruth becomes emotional for the Reyes brothers. A palm reader at a carnival predicts Juan's future.

  • EP25 A night in the dessert

    A distraught Gabriela seeks comfort from her father. Jimena gets to know Oscar, who recalls a painful time in his youth, and finds unexpected stardom.

  • EP24 The Alcala Bar owner

    After being questioned, Armando gets an unpleasant surprise. The Reyes brothers and the Elizondos are brought closer together by their shared crisis.

  • EP23 Eva approaches Ruth

    Armando puts up a false front. A case of mistaken identity lands two innocents in a grim situation. Another witness catches Juan and Norma together.

  • EP22 Between Jimena and Rosario

    Juan makes a scene in front of the Elizondo family. Jimena executes a calculated revenge plan. Fernando puts Norma on the spot at the dinner table.

  • EP21 The History of Libia

    Oscar reluctantly agrees to go out with Ruth. Jimena is miffed after being abandoned during a date. To Franco's dismay, Armando gets a lucky break.

  • EP20 Fernando's Desperation

    Rosario returns to work at Alcala Bar. Norma asks for a divorce. Fernando takes desperate measures to win Norma's sympathy. Ruth makes Oscar nervous.

  • EP19 Ruth's Presence

    Eva disobeys Gabriela. Norma and Juan take a big risk. Fernando follows a family member's bad advice. One of the Reyes brothers catches Ruth's eye.

  • EP18 Leandro's Shamelessness

    Leandro follows Jimena to find out who her secret boyfriend is. Gabriela upsets Eva with a special request. Ruth's arrival shocks the Reyes brothers.

  • EP17 Jimena's Promise

    Jimena makes a promise to Franco. An upset Eva drops a bombshell on the Elizondo family. Sarita becomes suspicious of Norma. Jimena has an awakening.

  • EP16 Oscar's Plans

    Armando asks Fernando for a favor. Raquel and Gabriela set a deadline. Norma arranges a rendezvous with Juan, and sets a firm boundary with Fernando.

  • EP15 Awakened Instincts

    Eva voices her concerns about Juan to Norma. The Reyes brothers receive an unexpected visitor at their home. Jimena uses her ticket to freedom.

  • EP14 Accomplices

    Norma confesses her feeling for Juan to Eva. Franco gets revenge for being attacked. Jimena makes a startling announcement at the dinner table.

  • EP13 Alcala Bar

    Jimena and Sarita go on a date with the Uribes' nephews. Juan's words make Norma wonder. Rosario feels the backlash of cutting ties with Armando.

  • EP12 For the Elizondo fortune

    The Uribes' nephews become frequent guests at the ranch. The Reyes brothers add a member to their household. A mishap brings Juan and Norma closer.

  • EP11 Franco is injured

    Franco suffers grave consequences of ignoring Armando's warning. Juan and Oscar argue over an offer of help, and later confront Rosario at the bar.

  • EP10 A big heart

    Rosario bans Franco from the bar. Gabriela has plans for Jimena and Sarita involving the Uribes' nephews. Juan wins Norma's admiration.

  • EP9 The first approaches

    Norma is unsettled by Juan. Eva recalls her painful past. Gabriela confesses a regret to Eva. Jimena secretly meets Franco away from the ranch.

  • EP8 Seducing the Elizondos

    The Reyes brothers pursue their first target. Eva has a change of heart. Armando threatens Franco. Franco accuses Oscar of having an ulterior motive.

  • EP7 An eye for an eye

    Oscar proposes a revenge plan to Juan that won't land them in jail. Gabriela returns from her trip and meets the new workers. Juan sets eyes on Norma.

  • EP6 The new workers

    The Reyes brothers infiltrate the Elizondo household under a false cover. Rosario refuses to give up her lifestyle for Franco. Jimena seeks attention.

  • EP5 The Reyes brothers at the Elizondo ranch

    The Reyes brothers learn what happened the night Libia visited the Elizondo ranch. Resentful Eva sees an opportunity to get revenge against Gabriela.

  • EP4 Libia's tragedy

    Libia makes a desperate decision. Gabriela finds Libia's photo. Fernando makes plans to live alone with Norma. The Reyes brothers learn Bernardo lied.

  • EP3 Bernardo's fate

    Libia hears in town what happens to Bernardo. Hortencia convinces Libia to go to the Elizando ranch. There, she meets with disaster.

  • EP2 The discovery

    A new circumstance leads the Reyes brothers to agree on Libia's future. Norma recalls a traumatic event. Fernando plots to force Bernardo's hand.

  • EP1 Bernardo and Libia are lovers

    Town gossip spreads of young Libia's secret romance with a rich older man, while her brother Franco woos a dive bar singer with a speedy side job.



First of all, I want to say that Pasión de gavilanes, as the famous Drama tv shows, unlike any other, has the best character development, plot/story development, and cinematography I've ever, ever seen. Everything about it, in my opinion, is perfect. Of course, like every Drama show, this one has a decent amount of Pasión de gavilanes inaccuracies, but don't let that get in the way of the storytelling. If you want a comparison on what Pasión de gavilanes is like, it's a lot like: The Pillars of the Earth and Got. But, as Pasión de gavilanes progresses, it changes A LOT. I personally love plot/story change, although some people have a very hard time handling it, so you must remember to try to be, per see, observant of it, and appreciate it. The first and second season has a real adventurous atmosphere to it. It has lots of raids--especially in England--and you're always curious where our hero Ragnar Lothbrok will go next. The third, fourth and fifth--especially the fifth--it has a more dramatic atmosphere to it. Like GoT. That's not a bad thing at all in my opinion--as aforementioned--I personally love it. With that said, Pasión de gavilanes is truly the best of the best. Everything about it is great. You'll laugh, you'll scream in rage at certain characters--trust me you WILL--and you'll bawl like a little baby. Pasión de gavilanes is an emotional roller-coaster, and everything about it is perfect.

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