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The Next Generation: Patlabor

In a world where giant robots are built and used for labor, a special police force of robots is created to handle crimes relating to these machines.

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  • 2014-03-08
  • 0.0
  • Mamoru Oshii /
  • Seiji Fukushi / Rina Ohta / Erina Mano / Toshio Kakei /
  • Comedy / Action / Science Fiction /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 1 | 13 Episodes
  • EP13 Chapter 7

  • EP12 Chapter 6, Part I

  • EP11 Chapter 6, Part II

  • EP10 Chapter 5, Part I

  • EP9 Chapter 5, Part II

  • EP8 Chapter 4, Part I

  • EP7 Chapter 4, Part II

  • EP6 Chapter 3, Part I

  • EP5 Chapter 3, Part II

  • EP4 Chapter 2, Part I

  • EP3 Chapter 2, Part II

  • EP2 Chapter 1, Part II

  • EP1 Chapter 1, Part I

  • EP1 Episode 1

    A summary of episodes 0-10. Included in the Blu-ray/DVD special version.



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