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Better Things

Sam Fox is a single, working actor with no filter trying to raise her three daughters – Max, Frankie and Duke – in Los Angeles. She is mom, dad, referee and the cops.

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  • 2016-09-08
  • 7.1
  • Celia Imrie / Cree Summer / Pamela Adlon / Mikey Madison / Hannah Alligood /
  • Drama / Comedy /

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Seasons & Episodes

4 3 2 1
Season 4 | 10 Episodes
  • EP10 Listen to the Roosters

    Sam and her girls live in the City of Angels.

  • EP9 Batceañera

  • EP8 Father's Day

    Sam has a flashback and a wolf pack.

  • EP7 High Man. Bye Man.

    Sam goes to the weed store and visits her brother and Frankie and Sam eat ice cream.

  • EP6 New Orleans

    Sam goes to a wedding.

  • EP5 Carbonara

    Sam takes Duke to ballet and Frankie to Pinkberry.

  • EP4 DNA

    Sam gives Phil a DNA test, catches something and releases on Max.

  • EP3 Escape Drill

    Sam gives her friends a marital intervention.

  • EP2 Steady Rain

    Sam picks the girls up from a trip.

  • EP1 She's Fifty

    Sam embraces her life.

  • EP12 Shake the Cocktail

    Sam searches and takes a breath.

  • EP11 Get Lit

    Sam chaperones and Frankie slams.

  • EP10 Show Me the Magic

    Sam winds down and reminisces.

  • EP9 The Unknown

    Sam gets theatrical.

  • EP8 Easter

    Sam helps Max and bakes for Phil.

  • EP7 Toilet

    Sam preps.

  • EP6 What Is Jeopardy?

    Sam and fam get caught up in some gnar.

  • EP5 No Limit

    Sam unleashes.

  • EP4 Monsters in the Moonlight

    Sam deals with monsters.

  • EP3 Nesting

    Sam sees old friends and cooks for everyone.

  • EP2 Holding

    Sam copes with stuff.

  • EP1 Chicago

    Sam and Max go on a trip.

  • EP10 Graduation

  • EP9 White Rock

    Sam and the girls go on a trip.

  • EP8 Arnold Hall

    Sam gets confronted.

  • EP7 Blackout

    Sam does hard things.

  • EP6 Eulogy

    Sam demands satisfaction.

  • EP5 Phil

    Sam is forced to look at some stuff.

  • EP4 Sick

    Sam is sick.

  • EP3 Robin

    Sam gets a new friend.

  • EP2 Rising

    Sam clears her head.

  • EP1 September

    Sam has people over.

  • EP10 Only Women Bleed

    Only women bleed.

  • EP9 Hair of the Dog

    Sam makes moves.

  • EP8 Scary Fun

    Sam makes a point.

  • EP7 Duke's Chorus

    Sam and fam go- to-meeting.

  • EP6 Alarms

    Sam deals with some situations.

  • EP5 Future Fever

    Sam has snack and Max thinks about things.

  • EP4 Woman Is the Something of the Something

    Sam gets really looked at.

  • EP3 Brown

    Sam brings home a colleague for dinner.

  • EP2 Period

    Sam deals with lady things.

  • EP1 Sam/Pilot

    Meet Sam Fox.



Better Things is a Drama TV shows, of course, not only kids, young people, all people in different ages like watching Better Things, as others have stated, you can tell the same sorts of stories in Drama tv series that you can in live-action tvs in the same way Better Things can tell the same story as a movie. Often, though, creating an animated tv shows telling a story that could be easily made in the live-action medium will not take full advantage of the perks of the animation medium.

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