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My Girlfriend is an Alien

The alien girl Chai Xiaoqi tells the story of Fang Xiaoqi, the overbearing president of the alien girl who died from the "Cape Town Planet", who was suffering from the "rainy weather heterosexual amnesia". A high-energy hilarious and romantic cross-star love story. The female host Chai Xiaoqi is not only an alien, but also a true-handed witch. Once she inhales the hormones emitted by the males in the earth, she will fall into the "flowery state" and suffer from various diseases. The fun and ridiculously ridiculous romance will restore the singularity of the girl in the perfection of the girl. In order to survive on the human earth, Chai Xiaoqi will use his various super powers to solve one accident after another, like a roller coaster. The ups and downs will make the audience hooked. The male lord is cold and is an alternative overbearing president. When it rains, he will forget the opposite sex that appears around him. For this reason, he and the female host will launch various "fighting and fighting" laughter dramas. The experience of high sweetness and romance is expected to be Strongly slammed the girl's heart when it was broadcast.

  • Release:
  • Rating:
  • Crew:
  • Cast:
  • Genre:
  • 2019-08-19
  • 6.8
  • Wang Haozhen / Zhang Meng / Thassapak Hsu / Wan Peng / Yang Yue /
  • Comedy / Sci-Fi & Fantasy /

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Seasons & Episodes

Season 1 | 28 Episodes
  • EP28 Episode 27

  • EP27 Episode 28

  • EP26 Episode 25

  • EP25 Episode 26

  • EP24 Episode 23

  • EP23 Episode 24

  • EP22 Episode 21

  • EP21 Episode 22

  • EP20 Episode 19

  • EP19 Episode 20

  • EP18 Episode 17

  • EP17 Episode 18

  • EP16 Episode 15

  • EP15 Episode 16

  • EP14 Episode 13

  • EP13 Episode 14

  • EP12 Episode 11

  • EP11 Episode 12

  • EP10 Episode 9

  • EP9 Episode 10

  • EP8 Episode 7

  • EP7 Episode 8

  • EP6 Episode 5

  • EP5 Episode 6

  • EP4 Episode 3

  • EP3 Episode 4

  • EP2 Episode 1

  • EP1 Episode 2



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