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Revolution focuses on the struggle to survive 15 years after a global blackout.

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  • 2012-09-17
  • 6.2
  • Eric Kripke / J.J. Abrams / Athena Wickham / Robert M. Williams Jr / Bryan Burk /
  • Billy Burke / Stephen Collins / David Lyons / J. D. Pardo / Giancarlo Esposito /
  • Drama / Action / Science Fiction / Adventure /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 2 | 22 Episodes
  • EP22 Declaration of Independence

    Miles, Charlie and Monroe launch an attack on the Patriots, but must improvise a risky new plan in order to halt the oncoming war between California and Texas. Out for revenge, Neville sets his sights on President Davis. Meanwhile, Aaron and Rachel’s efforts to save Priscilla from the nano-tech has unexpected consequences.

  • EP21 Memorial Day

    United by their desire to take the Patriots down, Neville and Monroe form an uneasy alliance. As Rachel comes face-to-face with the nano-tech while searching for Aaron, things don't go according to plan for Miles, Charlie and Gene when they try to steal the Patriots' supply of mustard gas.

  • EP20 Tomorrowland

    Truman, empowered with new authority from the President, launches a mustard gas attack designed to kill Miles and Monroe. To Rachel's disappointment, Miles agrees to join Monroe in a ruthless plot to beat the Patriots at their own game. As Neville faces his own challenge from the Patriots, Aaron grows increasingly alarmed by the power of the nanotech.

  • EP19 S#!& Happens

    As Miles, Monroe, Charlie and Connor rush to escape Austin, a confrontation with Texas Rangers separates Miles from the group. While out searching for Miles, Charlie is confronted by Neville who demands information on Jason's whereabouts. As a wounded Miles faces increasingly hopeless circumstances, Aaron learns that the nanotech has been busy.

  • EP18 Austin City Limits

    Frustrated with Neville, Jason turns to Miles with crucial information about the Patriots’ next steps for Texas. Determined to derail the Patriots’ plans, Miles and Monroe rush to Austin with Jason, Charlie and Connor in tow. Meanwhile, Aaron grows suspicious of Priscilla’s increasingly unusual behavior.

  • EP17 Why We Fight

    While Dr. Porter and Miles venture into Willoughby in search of allies within the town, Monroe seizes an opportunity to surprise the Patriots. Neville’s political maneuverings put him and Jason in serious danger, as Aaron and Priscilla continue on their journey.

  • EP16 Exposition Boulevard

    Monroe, Charlie and Connor make their way back to Willoughby, where they find that the Patriots' reeducation center is up and running. An encounter with two of the center's young cadets leaves Rachel and Miles divided on the lengths they are willing to go in order to take down the Patriots. As Neville and Jason find a new ally for their mission, more about the history of the Patriots is revealed.

  • EP15 Dreamcatcher

    Aaron awakes to find himself in a world with power, married to Priscilla and running his company. As he gets the feeling that something isn't quite right, familiar faces begin to appear.

  • EP14 Fear and Loathing

    With their lives in danger in New Vegas, Monroe and Connor face a difficult decision in order to survive. Back in Willoughby, Miles questions whether he can trust Neville and Jason to help take down the Patriots. Meanwhile, Aaron and Priscilla find themselves at odds over the nano code.

  • EP13 Happy Endings

    Monroe leads Connor and Charlie on a risky mission, as Miles and Rachel keep an eye on things in Willoughby. Meanwhile, Neville gets a new assignment and Aaron reunites with an old friend.

  • EP12 Captain Trips

    When Gene decides to assist the town of Willoughby, Rachel and Charlie feel compelled to help too as Miles and Monroe continue to join forces in order to survive.

  • EP11 Mis Dos Padres

    Monroe finds himself in unfamiliar territory and must make a choice about his son Conner, while Neville and Julia continue to tango at Jason's dismay. Meanwhile, Gene leads Charlie to an uneasy discovery.

  • EP10 Three Amigos

    When Miles leads Monroe and Rachel south of the border; they're met with much more than they bargained for as Neville and Julia dance a delicate dance. Meanwhile, Charlie and Gene continue their search for Aaron.

  • EP9 Everyone Says I Love You

    The relationship between Rachel and Gene remains strained as Charlie shows her mom how much she's grown. Meanwhile, Neville gives Jason a determined proclamation.

  • EP8 Come Blow Your Horn

    As Miles and the gang try to escape the perils of their current situation, Rachel and Gene continue to struggle with their relationship, which affects Charlie. Meanwhile, Neville takes a gamble with the Patriots.

  • EP7 The Patriot Act

    When Rachel discovers some unsettling truths, Miles does what he does best to overcome obstacles before him and those he cares about. Meanwhile, Charlie shares a moment with her mom as Neville and Jason continue with their struggles between father and son.

  • EP6 Dead Man Walking

    As Charlie, Rachel and Gene question Monroe's true allegiance, Miles himself is weary of his former friend's intentions. Meanwhile, Aaron continues to have visions that lead to endless questions.

  • EP5 One Riot, One Ranger

    Aaron and Rachel speculate on the extreme effects of Nano technology, while he also confides in Cynthia. Meanwhile a figure from Miles's rugged past, Texas Ranger John Fry reemerges. Fry could be Miles' chance to bring down the Patriots in a big way, however Fry will need convincing. Charlie has a surprise for Miles and her mother, while Secretary Allenford holds a secret important to Neville.

  • EP4 Patriot Games

    Monroe and Charlie's dynamic begin to evolve. Meanwhile, wounds of Miles and Rachel begin to heal, yet her curiosity and heightened awareness could be her undoing. Neville's manipulation of Patriot power brokers makes Machiavelli look like a cherub and Aaron's mind works overtime awake or asleep with mind-blowing effectiveness. Rachel and Miles begin planning a resistance to what they believe might be the Patriot occupation.

  • EP3 Love Story

    Rachel makes a valiant attempt to rescue Miles and to escape with an ailing Tribesman's wife, while Neville and Jason are caught off-guard, assaulted by violent refugees. Charlie and Adam are at odds over what to do with Monroe. Legions of Tribesmen threaten all of Willoughby but with questionable leadership and Aaron faces death, yet again.

  • EP2 There Will Be Blood

    Miles's life is in grave danger as he finds himself in the clutches of Titus Andover. Charlie is determined to find Monroe, as Rachel and her father, Dr. Porter desperately attempt to revive Aaron. Meanwhile, Neville hatches a plan to infiltrate the Patriots.

  • EP1 Born in the U.S.A.

    Miles, Aaron and Rachel have found themselves in a mysterious small town, in the great nation of Texas where Rachel unexpectedly encounters an important figure from her past. Charlie finds herself on a mission in the Plains Nation while Neville and Jason search a refugee camp for a lost loved one. Meanwhile, Monroe has discovered a gritty role in his new environment.

  • EP20 The Dark Tower

    Life-threatening dangers abound on all sides as the Rebels infiltrate the Tower. Miles' leadership abilities and character are sorely tested as well as his feelings for Rachel and Nora. Aaron's genius comes in handy while Tom Neville and Randall Flynn bring new meaning to the dark side.

  • EP19 Children of Men

    Rachel and Monroe battle with more than wits. Meanwhile, Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron get inside the Tower but Tom Neville and son Jason get shut out. Miles and Monroe once again face-off, this time even more lethally.

  • EP18 Clue

    A captive Nora is tortured and left for dead. Monroe learns of Rachael’s attempt to reach the Tower but is unaware of her deadly plan for him. Meanwhile, Miles is desperate to find out how so many of his close associates are being brutally murdered. Later, Miles, Charlie, Neville, Jason, Hudson and Sanborn struggle to make it out of the Plains Nation to join Rachel and save her from what they believe to be certain death.

  • EP17 The Longest Day

    Romantic connections heat up between two couples -- Miles and Nora and Charlie and Jason -- but disastrous drone strikes from the Militia threaten them all. An assassination attempt on Monroe heightens his paranoia and Georgia Federation President Foster contemplates surrender. Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron push through the Plains Nation into Colorado.

  • EP16 The Love Boat

    Miles and Tom Neville find themselves fighting for the same cause but Miles still doesn’t trust him. Charlie, Jason and Nora attempt to pull off a daring river rescue of Dr. Stephen Camp to keep deadly anthrax out of the hands of Monroe. Meanwhile Rachel and Aaron are captured and threatened by Militia forces.

  • EP15 Home

    When the past catches up with Miles and Monroe in the form of mutual heartthrob, Emma all hell breaks loose for them physically and emotionally. Charlie and Nora are the ones who rescue Miles this time. Meanwhile Aaron’s life is turned inside out while accompanying Rachel on her tenacious trek to the mysterious Tower where she plans to restore the power.

  • EP14 The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

    Paranoia strikes Monroe deeply as Neville disappears and Neville’s son Jason makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the familial bond between Miles and Charlie grows stronger. Elsewhere, Miles experiences romantic attraction with both Rachel and Nora. Rachel sets off on her dangerous quest to infiltrate the Tower and restore power to the world before Monroe can ignite a nuclear device.

  • EP13 The Song Remains the Same

    Neville faces danger and hard choices as Monroe doubts his loyalty, he disowns his son Jason and gets captured by Miles. Rachel and Charlie begin slowly patching their relationship only to be pulled apart again as Rachel suddenly embarks on a quest to restore the power and her self-respect. She must make a dangerous journey to the mysterious Tower as it holds her only chance at redemption.

  • EP12 Ghosts

    A final act of heroism by one of their own saves the lives of Charlie and the gang, but the loss devastates everyone and they must carry on with heavy hearts but increased resolve. Miles sets out on a mission with Nora to recruit his former Militia comrade, Jim Hudson and enlist his savage killing skills. Meanwhile, Rachel looks for a power source and a way back into the heart of her daughter Charlie. Rachel also attempts to elude the grip of Randall Flynn, her ruthless former boss and ally of Monroe.

  • EP11 The Stand

    Miles leads the rebel squad out of Philadelphia and away from Monroe’s helicopters and machine guns. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Rachel tries to redeem herself by providing power to the rebels, but once again must leave her children, Charlie and Danny, behind. As if there wasn’t enough heat, romantic sparks ignite between Miles and Nora.

  • EP10 Nobody's Fault But Mine

    In the gang's quest to rescue Danny, the time has come for Miles and Monroe to meet face to face. Meanwhile, on the verge of reuniting with her brother, Charlie is conflicted by a shocking discovery and Rachel tests Monroe's patience.

  • EP9 Kashmir

    Miles and the gang are bound for Monroe’s lair – Independence Hall, but their efforts are impeded when they begin to have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. Meanwhile, Monroe starts to grow suspicious of Rachel.

  • EP8 Ties That Bind

    When Nora encounters a close relative, she must make a difficult choice between family and a promise. Meanwhile, one of the most ruthless members of the Militia is tracking Miles, Charlie and the gang and General Monroe hands Captain Neville a stern warning.

  • EP7 The Children's Crusade

    When Charlie meets a boy who's suffered a plight similar to her own, she relates and longs to help him and his young friends. First, she must convince Miles. Meanwhile, Rachel grows weary of General Monroe as she meets someone from her past.

  • EP6 Sex and Drugs

    In order to save Nora from her injury, Miles leads the gang on a detour to visit an old acquaintance of his for medical support, but they quickly find themselves in unfriendly territory. Aaron recalls his meek history as he looks back at his pre/post-blackout life, and Neville delivers Danny to Monroe.

  • EP5 Soul Train

    As the gang nears Neville and his men, their hopes of finding Danny grow until a shocking discovery threatens to impede their efforts. Meanwhile, orders from Monroe have upped the value of Danny's life and Nora connects with a fellow Rebel.

  • EP4 The Plague Dogs

    After Charlie and Nora rescue Miles from Militia, they set off to meet Aaron and Maggie. Tracking Miles and Charlie at every turn is Nate. As the gang reunites and continues on their journey, unforeseeable challenges await.

  • EP3 No Quarter

    On the run from Militia, Nora leads Miles and Charlie back to the Rebel camp. Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie search for Grace and Danny stands up to one of Captain Neville’s men.

  • EP2 Chained Heat

    In order to rescue Danny, Miles knows he and the gang will need help. Thus, the search begins for Nora, a rebel fighter battling against the Militia. Meanwhile, Aaron confides in Maggie and Danny lays witness to what Captain Neville is capable of.

  • EP1 Pilot

    A family struggles to reunite in an American landscape void of electricity: a world of empty cities, local militias and heroic freedom fighters, where every single piece of technology -- computers, planes, cars, phones, even lights -- has mysteriously blacked out forever.

  • EP31 Revolution Revealed 20

  • EP30 Revolution Revealed 19

  • EP29 Revolution Revealed 18

    Cast and crew have the lowdown on Nora's interrogation, the Rebels' traitor and the latest on The Tower.

  • EP28 Revolution Revealed 17

    Cast and creators talk romance - and unraveling - on "The Longest Day.

  • EP27 Revolution Revealed 16

    Cast and crew discuss Aaron's mysterious link to The Tower and the dangerous partnership of Miles and Neville.

  • EP26 Revolution Revealed 15

    The cast and crew talk about Miles and Monroe's epic hometown showdown.

  • EP25 Revolution Revealed 14

    The cast and crew dive deep on Monroe's mania, Rachel's reparations and Miles' tragedy.

  • EP24 Revolution Revealed 13

    The series creator and cast discuss Rachel's homicidal tendencies... and her secrets.

  • EP23 Revolution Revealed 12

    Go behind the scenes with the cast on the set of "Ghosts.

  • EP22 Enemies of the State: Part 5

    After promoting Neville, an eerily composed Monroe sends him on a mission to find Ben Matheson.

  • EP21 Revolution Revealed 11

    The cast and crew discuss the shocking twists in store for "The Stand".

  • EP20 Enemies of the State: Part 4

    After completing his investigation, will Neville's unquenchable curiosity put his life in danger?

  • EP19 Enemies of the State: Part 3

    During his interrogation, a Militia conspirator tells Neville that Monroe isn't the man he used to be.

  • EP18 Enemies of the State: Part 2

    Neville puts a velvet glove on his iron fist to shake down a madame for intel on Miles.

  • EP17 Wheatley's Letters: September 15th

    Wheatley lays out his nefarious plan for Miles.

  • EP16 Enemies of the State: Part 1

    Monroe orders Neville to embark on a manhunt that will forever change the Republic.

  • EP15 Wheatley's Letters: May 23rd

    The forgotten Militia operative recalls the day the power went off.

  • EP14 Wheatley's Letters: March 3rd

    Feigning patriotism, Wheatley earns a promotion from the Rebels.

  • EP13 Wheatley's Letters: October 15th

    Has Wheatley been turned or did the Militia mess up?

  • EP12 Wheatley's Letters: August 10th

    The Rebels have no idea there's a dangerous traitor among them...

  • EP11 Wheatley's Letters: May 7th

    Meet Militia Corporal Joseph Wheatley, working undercover to undermine the Rebels.

  • EP10 Revolution Revealed 10

    Erik Kripke and the cast weigh in on the fall finale, Revolution's biggest episode to date!

  • EP9 Revolution Revealed 09

    The heroes of Revolution walk into the belly of the beast.

  • EP8 Revolution Revealed 08

    Show creator Eric Kripke talks about Nora's mythology and the fun of writing for "bad guy" characters.

  • EP7 Revolution Revealed 07

    Eric Kripke and the cast deconstruct the character of Revolution's reluctant - and guilty - hero, Miles Matheson.

  • EP6 Revolution Revealed 06

    Eric Kripke and the cast talk about themes of urgent choices in "Sex and Drugs."

  • EP5 Revolution Revealed 05

    Eric Kripke and the cast talk about the mythological what if posed in "Soul Train."

  • EP4 Revolution Revealed 04

    The show creators and cast talk about themes of redemption and sacrifice in "The Plague Dogs."

  • EP3 Revolution Revealed 03

    Erik Kripke and the cast talk about the perils of perception and best intentions in this week's episode.

  • EP2 Revolution Revealed 02

    Cast and creators talk about the pendant, Danny as Neville's pawn and more.

  • EP1 Revolution Revealed 01

    Get the lowdown on the premiere episode from the actors and creators of Revolution.



First of all, I want to say that Revolution, as the famous Drama tv shows, unlike any other, has the best character development, plot/story development, and cinematography I've ever, ever seen. Everything about it, in my opinion, is perfect. Of course, like every Drama show, this one has a decent amount of Revolution inaccuracies, but don't let that get in the way of the storytelling. If you want a comparison on what Revolution is like, it's a lot like: The Pillars of the Earth and Got. But, as Revolution progresses, it changes A LOT. I personally love plot/story change, although some people have a very hard time handling it, so you must remember to try to be, per see, observant of it, and appreciate it. The first and second season has a real adventurous atmosphere to it. It has lots of raids--especially in England--and you're always curious where our hero Ragnar Lothbrok will go next. The third, fourth and fifth--especially the fifth--it has a more dramatic atmosphere to it. Like GoT. That's not a bad thing at all in my opinion--as aforementioned--I personally love it. With that said, Revolution is truly the best of the best. Everything about it is great. You'll laugh, you'll scream in rage at certain characters--trust me you WILL--and you'll bawl like a little baby. Revolution is an emotional roller-coaster, and everything about it is perfect.

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