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Anuj and Gauravi are two complete strangers, who hail from two completely different backgrounds, both economic and cultural. After his father's death, Anuj quits his studies to take care of his siblings and the family business. Years of hard work pays off, and he manages to build his own business empire. On the other hand, Gauravi grows up in a middle-class family, the one where education holds prime importance. An unexpected marriage arranged by both their families ties them together in a relationship under transactional situations. However, it doesn't take them long to fall in love with each other, when the rains decide to write their destiny.

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  • 2019-04-25
  • 8.0
  • Drama /

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Seasons & Episodes

2 1
Season 2 | 20 Episodes
  • EP20 Tujhse Ho Roothe Roothe…

  • EP19 Kisi Ek Ki Wajah Se, Do Logon Ko Dukhi Nahi Hona Chahiye

  • EP18 Tumhari Wajah Bhi Badal Gayi Hai, Hamare Haalat Ki Tarah

  • EP17 Tumhi Uljhe Rahe Hamein Aazmane Mein

  • EP16 Mera Kuch Saaman, Tumhare Paas Padha Hai

  • EP15 Ab Bas, Aaramse Iss Divorce Ko Ho Jaane Do

  • EP14 P.A.T.I - Patience Always Till Infinity

  • EP13 Do Shaadiyaan Ek Saath Shuru Hui Aur Ek Saath Khatam Bhi

  • EP12 The End... Prem Kahani Wo Badi Banti Hai Jismein Aanewali Mushkilein Badi Badi Hon

  • EP11 Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Tum Rahe Na Tum, Hum Rahe Na Hum

  • EP10 Aap Se Tum Tak Ka Safar

  • EP9 Yeh Ghar Bahut Haseen Hai

  • EP8 Bin Bole Sab Jaanta Hai... Dil Ko Dil Se Baandhta Hai... Kitne Bholasa Ye Pyaar Hai

  • EP7 Ye Kya Ghadi Hai... Hum Ajnabi Hain... Duniya Meri Kya Mujhse Khafa Hai

  • EP6 Chaahe Kitni Dooriyaan Hongi Darmiyaan... Sunn Raha Phir Bhi Dil, Dil Ki Ye Daastaan

  • EP5 Ye Ishq Ab Le Ju Imtehaan..Dene Chale Hum Beparwaah

  • EP4 Ghadi Waqt Dikhata Hai, Waqt Deti Nahi Hai

  • EP3 Lamhon Se Likhdi Ek Daastaan.. Khamoshiyon Ki Padhtey Zubaan

  • EP2 Dheere Chalne Se Peeche Choot Jaate Hain... Tez Chalne Se Yaadein Peeche Jaati Hain..

  • EP1 Apna Bhi Ho Jayega - Divorce!!!

  • EP20 The Miracle..!

    The Accidental miracle

  • EP19 Aaj Mausam bada beiman hai

    When the faith is restored.

  • EP18 Destiny..!

    Not an ordinary man

  • EP17 Marriage proposal..??

    Two Marriage proposals

  • EP16 Perfect jodi..??

    Nothing in common

  • EP15 Marriage Ingredients

  • EP14 Roka

  • EP13 Sangeet

  • EP12 Dilse Dil Ko Baandhta Hai

  • EP11 Woh Teen Mahine

  • EP10 Don’t F##K IT Up Anooz!!

  • EP9 Anuj’s Disappearance

  • EP8 Anuj’s Birthday, Gauravi’s Gift!!

  • EP7 Arranged Marriage!!

  • EP6 Siblings v/s Spouses

  • EP5 Pyaar Na Thoda Complicated

  • EP4 Dark Clouds

  • EP3 It's Complicated

  • EP2 Tum Wahan.. Main Yahan

  • EP1 Pyaar Andha Hai



First of all, I want to say that Baarish, as the famous Drama tv shows, unlike any other, has the best character development, plot/story development, and cinematography I've ever, ever seen. Everything about it, in my opinion, is perfect. Of course, like every Drama show, this one has a decent amount of Baarish inaccuracies, but don't let that get in the way of the storytelling. If you want a comparison on what Baarish is like, it's a lot like: The Pillars of the Earth and Got. But, as Baarish progresses, it changes A LOT. I personally love plot/story change, although some people have a very hard time handling it, so you must remember to try to be, per see, observant of it, and appreciate it. The first and second season has a real adventurous atmosphere to it. It has lots of raids--especially in England--and you're always curious where our hero Ragnar Lothbrok will go next. The third, fourth and fifth--especially the fifth--it has a more dramatic atmosphere to it. Like GoT. That's not a bad thing at all in my opinion--as aforementioned--I personally love it. With that said, Baarish is truly the best of the best. Everything about it is great. You'll laugh, you'll scream in rage at certain characters--trust me you WILL--and you'll bawl like a little baby. Baarish is an emotional roller-coaster, and everything about it is perfect.

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