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Moon Embracing the Sun

Thirteen-year-old Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a high-ranking official, accompanies her mother to the royal palace to attend her brother, Heo Yeom's civil service examination congratulatory ceremony. By chance, she comes across Crown Prince Lee Hwon. They fall in love, and Yeon Woo is chosen as the Crown Princess of Joseon. Before they can marry, the Dowager Queen secretly orders her death, in order to secure more power for herself. Yeon Woo becomes cursed and is stricken with an illness. All believe her to be dead, including the Crown Prince Lee Hwon. Heartbroken, he refuses to love another. Eight years later, the young king meets a shaman named Wol. He can’t help but find similarities between her and Yeon Woo and begins investigating Yeon Woo’s death.

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  • 2012-01-04
  • 8.1
  • Kim Do-hoon /
  • Song Jae-hee / Kim Min-seo / Sunwoo Jae-duk / Lee Tae-ri / Jeon Mi-seon /
  • Drama / Romance / Fantasy / History /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 1 | 20 Episodes
  • EP20 Episode 20

    On the day of military training in arts of war, Hwon who is leading the clan relatives and ministers to Jongmyo shrine is surrounded by the private army of prime minister Yoon Dae Hyung. Yang Myung who is standing at the front line of rebel force points his sword to Hwon. Yoon Dae Hyung who looks at the two men asks Yang Myung to quickly behead the king. On the other hand, Yeon Woo who who takes refugee in a shelter with Hong Kyu Tae is shrouded by premonition of bad feelings.

  • EP19 Episode 19

    The wall newspapers that accused that the King hides female shaman in the king’s bedroom and that the clique of Great Empress Dowager Yoon murdered ex-crown princess are pasted side by side. Everyone believes that it’s a conspiracy of Yoon clique, doubting its reliability. Bo Kyung who has a premonition that her father Yoon Dae Hyung is going to abandon her, wants to warn Lee Hwon about the impending rebellion. While on the way to look for Hwon, she catches the sight of Hwon who stood intimately close with Yeon Woo. On the other hand, Bo Kyung summons the ex-state shaman Kwon-si who was expelled from Seongsucheong, orders her to cast black magic on Yeon Woo, and promises her the position of state shaman.

  • EP18 Episode 18

    Hwon found out from Hong Kyu Tae that the death of Crown Princess is related to Princess Min Hwa, and gradually begins to crack the riddle. Min Hwa who finally pregnant after a long wait goes into the palace happily, and goes to Gangnyeongjeon hall to announce the good news to Hwon. On the other hand, Hwon is agonized over the fact that he cannot gives console to Yeon Woo who is by his side. At last, Hwon makes the decision, and prepares to visit Queen Dowager Yoon.

  • EP17 Episode 17

    Hwon who finally resolved all the mysteries is shouting and sobbing grievingly. He goes to infirmary care house to find Yeon Woo, and hugs her firmly and passionately. But suddenly a masked assassin appears at the infirmary to lay murderous hand on Yeon Woo. While Yang Myung, Woon and Hwon are in the tussle with assassin to protect Yeon Woo, Yang Myung threws off assassin, grabs the hand of Yeon Woo and runs away. On the other hand, Yoon Dae Hyung who didn’t manage to capture Yeon Woo secretly commands the sending of assassin to Seongsucheong to assassination state shaman Nok Young. While Hwon recalls the scene of Yang Myung brought away Yeon Woo, his expression in the eyes becomes indifferent and stern.

  • EP16 Episode 16

    Bo Kyung saw shaman Wol, believing that the dead Yeon Woo comes back alive, she falls into panic. After meeting the queen, Yeon Woo who is about to leave the palace bumps into Hwon in front of Hidden Moon Pavilion, but she does not reveal the fact that she is Yeon Woo. On the other hand, Nok Young tells Yeon Woo that she is going to meet Hwon, and reveals the person who was accidentally involved in the affair 8 years ago. Yeon Woo is engulfed in shock.

  • EP15 Episode 15

    Yeon Woo who regains all her memories encounters Seol, asking her the detailed situation when she received the divination rite. Yeon Woo repeatedly thinks back of events 8 years ago, is choking with sobs. But she determines not to act rashly. Woon orders the armies that are guarding the private residence of Yang Myung to retreat. He attempts to catch Yang Myung who is heading to infirmary care house, but he is not hardhearted enough to block Yang Myung who looks dreariness. At the same time, Hwon instructs Hong Kyu Tae to investigate and report what’s exactly happening on the night of crown princess fallen sick and collapsed.

  • EP14 Episode 14

    Wol is wearing the jeogori that is engraved with identity of convicted sinner for committing the sin (obscene) crime, and expelled to west infirmary care house. Hwom whom his dominant right been taken away suffers humiliation by the ministers at the side hall. Late at night, Hwon goes to find Wol at Uigeumbu (the security and legal apparatus). He suppresses the heavy feeling, striving to calmly order Wol to walk away from him. Wol who is taken to west infirmary care house is kidnapped by unidentified person. Yang Myung who heard the news immediately rushes out but he is blocked by Woon. Previously Leaked Unofficial Text Preview In order to save the life of Wol, Hwon endures humiliation to visit Queen Dowager and plea. Yang Myung also appears at the chuk-guk field in order to prove the innocence of Woo. Wol is given the stigma of sinner and expelled to west infirmary care house. On the way to west infirmary care house, Wol is kidnapped by an unidentified man.

  • EP13 Episode 13

    Hwon who is about to consummate with Bo Kyung is hit with unidentified curse, and collapsed, the place is in an emergency. Bo Kyung is full of grudge to Hwon who let her humiliated. Together with Yoon Dae Hyung, they plot the conspiracy to frame Wol as the cause of the curse and to dishonor Hwon. In order to solve the secret of tangled and complicated death of Yeon Woo, Hong Kyu Tae pays a visit to imperial hospital. Wol is framed for committed high treason and is taken to Uigeumbu (the royal investigation bureau and secret police).

  • EP12 Episode 12

    Yang Myung is looking at the back of king Lee Hwon and Wol, and turns around to leave. Yoon Dae Hyung is thinking about the purpose of having royal patrol in plain clothing. Wol who decides to leave Seongsucheong think of Hwon who smiled happily in front of her, and requests to state shaman for the one last time to allow her to enter the palace. On the other hand, Queen Dowager Yoon passes on message that the date for the consummation of king and queen marriage is set at 4 days later, hearing the news, Bo Kyung smiles knowingly.

  • EP11 Episode 11

    Yang Myung grabs the hand of Wol who is heading towards Gangnyeongjeon king’s quarter. At this time, Nok Young with a cold expression appears before them. Nok Young warns Yang Myung not to entangle with the fate of Wol, and Yang Myung and Nok Young engage in tit for tat with each holds own ground. Wol enters the Gangnyeongjeon, and under the repetitive and continuous questioning of Lee Hwon, she shed tears that she choked back during the period. Nok Young lectures Jan Shil, and expels her from Seongsucheong. In order to end the chaos, she announces that she want to leave Seongsucheong. At the same time, Lee Hwon discovers something suspicious on the Yeon Woo’s posthumous letter.

  • EP10 Episode 10

    The king Lee Hwon orders Hyung Sun to summon female physician and imperial physician to give medical treatment to injured Wol. Woon who feel that confused mind of Lee Hwon towards Wol orders soldiers to search the body of Wol, and passes to Lee Hwon the written correspondence letter discovered. Looking at the typeface that seems to have seen before and beautiful writing style, Lee Hwon is dumbfounded. On the other hand, Princess Bo Kyung who detects a subtle atmosphere between Lee Hwon and female shaman cannot control her irrepressible anger, and Queen Dowager Yoon who hears that the king’s body has recovered orders to bring forward the day for them to sleep together.

  • EP9 Episode 9

    Lee Hwon who is waking up from sleep and demands to know on the order of who that sent Wol to the palace. Na Dae Gil who brought Wol into the place is fearful of furious king, and on the ground of Wol is guilty of regicide sinner for offending the king’s body, he orders Wol to be tattooed on the forehead as criminal and exiled to the borderland. Lee Hwon continues to cannot control his feeling and think of Wol. Princess Bo Kyung who is forbidden to visit king’s residence Gangnyeongjeon before the day of sleeping together, hears about the presence of the shaman who stays beside the king to serve as good luck charm to absorb his adversity, and instinctively feel a bad aura.

  • EP8 Episode 8

    Inside the palanquin that is heading to the city gate, is sitting with smiling shaman Wol who is about to open the door. Wol is the substitute for Nok Young who refuses to return to the palace to treat the king’s sickness. Wol is abducted and brings back to the palace for the good of the people under the name of Nok Young’s spiritual daughter. During a brief chaos, Wol attempts to run away but falls into difficult position. At this time, she receives help from a master, and the master is actually disguised by Yang Myung. Yang Myung does not recognize Wol, so under such a confusing situation, Yang Myung lets slip Yeon Woo who is in despair state. On the other hand, Wol is caught back into the palace and is hurriedly sent to Lee Hwon’s palace harem as the shaman to control his adversity.

  • EP7 Episode 7

    Receiving the summon from guru Hye Gak, Nok Young instructs Yeon Woo time and again to beware of stranger while walking on the street. At the same time, Yeon Woo hears of the imperial carriage of the king will pass through the place, and she is very curious. She ignores the urge by Seol to stay, and walks towards the street. Lee Hwon who has absolutely no idea that Yeon Woo is still alive is looking at himself, where his face looks very terrible en route the royal passage. Yeon Woo looks at his appearance from a distance, as if she used to know him. The feeling let Yeon Woo falls into confusion.

  • EP6 Episode 6

    In the middle of the night, two people are digging the grave of Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo who is trembling in fear inside the coffin appears on the world again with the help of the two people, but she has lost all the memories. Nok Young explains to Yeon Woo who is in confusing state for not knowing who she is, that she was fainted during the divination rite to become a medium for inviting the spirit, and the shock that she suffered resulted in the losing of her memory. Yoon Bo Kyung ascends the empty seat of cronw princes on behalf of Yeon Woo, and Yoon Dae Hyung clique fosters their ambition through her. In the meantime, crown prince Lee Hwo who is more and more indifferent, just like the his heart that is getting more and more missing on Yeon Woo, has become an adult. Due to the mischief done by consort clan in and out of the palace, the situation of imperial court affairs become increasingly difficult.

  • EP5 Episode 5

    Yeon Woo puts in effort to learn the royal etiquette that a crown princess must know. Lee Hwon is gazing at her lovingly as he encourages her. Nok Young receives the paper written with the exact time and date of birth of lunar calendar and clothes of Yeon Woo from Queen Dowager Yoon. She is in dilemma. In the end, she submits to the threat of Queen Dowager Yoon, and performs a curse on Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo who is alone at her Hidden Moon Pavilion of Royal Palace suddenly suffering from painful illness. At the side hall, the ministers belong to the Yoon Dae Hyung clique are using the excuse the crown princess Heo Yeon Woo is hiding her illness to strongly request King Sung Jo to order expelling her from the palace, as someone ill must not be allowed to stay at the place. Crown prince is furious and rushes to the residence palace of Yeon Woo after knowing the fact that ministers are attempting to oust Yeon Woo.

  • EP4 Episode 4

    The Yoon Dae Hyung clique is becoming triumphant due to words of shaman, and they start the actions to make Bo Kyung the master of the of the queen’s resident. The selection of crown princess is about to begin, Hwon expresses to Yeon Woo his wish that wants to add her name to the list of candidates. Besides, he discovers the plan of Yoon Dae Hyung and Queen Yoon, and requests the help of King Sung Jo to conduct a proper selection. The love of Princess Min Hwa to Yeom is getting deeper and deeper, and he hurriedly request to kind to hold wedding for them.

  • EP3 Episode 3

    In front of the palace, Nok Young feels the extraordinary unusual aura of the two children, Queen Yoon goes to the birthday of the queen, and at the same time looks at the physiognomy of children. Yeon Woo and Bo Kyung meet for the first time with the identity of children serving as studymate of scholar. Lee Hwon who heard that Yeon Woo is entering palace is very happy, and hurriedly orders Hyung Sun to complete special task. On the other hand, Yeon Woo and Bo Kyung meets Princess Min Hwa to serve as the study-mates. After Princess Min Hwa knows Yeon Woo is the younger sister of Heo Yeom, she shows special care for her.

  • EP2 Episode 2

    The son of Hong Mun Kwan chief education officer, who is also the elder brother of Yeon Woo, Yeom, is flower handsome young boy who has handsome look, intelligent, has moral standing, and has deadly charm. After he qualified with the top best result, he accepts the royal name of Number One Scholar, and is bestowed on the teacher seat beside crown prince. Hwon is displeasing with the young teacher, but does not know that as he is in fact the brother of Yeon Woo, and starts to duel with Yeom. On the other hand, facing with consort clan who attempts to implement to sideline the king, Queen Yoon pays full focus, and intends to retaliate with even more insidious plot against.

  • EP1 Episode 1

    In order to seek power, the unscrupulous Queen Yoon and consort clan Yoon Tae Hyun secretly plot to frame up the younger half-brother Prince Uiseong who is favored by the king. Prince Uiseong falls into their trap and is at the point of death. Ari, a shaman of Seongsucheong witnesses the whole process, and thus suffers injustice. She says sincere words and earnest wishes to Jang Nok Young, and eventually died. On the other hand, the daughter of Hong Mun Kwan chief education officer (daejehak), Yeon Woo, visits her brother who is preparing to take the imperial examination, and joins in the country’s blessing ceremony. The naughty crown prince Lee Hwon who made teachers bristle with anger climbs over the wall to go out, and encounters Yeon Woo by chance. Hwon who is hiding beside the wall mistaken Yeon Woo as thief, while Yeon Woo gets to know the identity of Hwon as crown price from the Hwon’s handkerchief.

  • EP2 Special 2

  • EP1 Special 1



Moon Embracing the Sun is a Drama TV shows, of course, not only kids, young people, all people in different ages like watching Moon Embracing the Sun, as others have stated, you can tell the same sorts of stories in Drama tv series that you can in live-action tvs in the same way Moon Embracing the Sun can tell the same story as a movie. Often, though, creating an animated tv shows telling a story that could be easily made in the live-action medium will not take full advantage of the perks of the animation medium.

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