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Maison Ikkoku

Godai is a ronin (someone who has failed university entrance exams) living in a run down apartment house called Maison Ikkoku. Among the other residents are the nosy Ichinose, the sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. The others are given to having wild parties which makes it difficult for Godai to study. Into this mayhem comes the recently widowed Kyoko as the new live-in manager. Godai falls for her, but doesn't have the nerve to tell her. As time passes, their relationship slowly develops amid life at Maison Ikkoku, despite all sorts of romantic hurdles.

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  • 1986-03-26
  • 7.9
  • Hiromi Tsuru / Norio Wakamoto / Hisako Kyouda / John Payne / Chika Sakamoto /
  • Romance / Drama / Comedy / Animation /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 4 | 20 Episodes
  • EP20 As long as this love lasts! Ikkoku-kan is forever...!!

    With their wedding fast approaching Kyoko and Godai are both cleaning out their rooms in preparation for moving in together. Kyoko finds an old box of Soichiro's personal items and Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose share it with Godai. Kyoko is embarrassed but Godai smiles politely and admits he has never seen a picture of Kyoko's late husband before and that he looks like a very kind man. That night both Kyoko and he are thinking about Soichiro. Kyoko decides that she is going to return Soichiro's belongings to his father, and Godai begins to wonder if he can measure up to the memory of her beloved first husband. The next day, Kyoko visits Soichiro's grave to pay her final respects and finds Godai there, praying. Yusaku tells Soichiro that he hopes to have his blessing for their marriage. Kyoko is moved to tears, and the couple stand before Soichiro's graves holding hands, ready to move ahead with their new life together. No one can contain their excitement as Yusaku and Kyoko's wedding day has arrived. Everyone comes to pay their respects and to get a look at the happy couple. Kyoko is beautiful in her wedding dress, and both Mr. Chigusa and Mr. Otonashi are in tears just from looking at her. Ikuko and Kentaro meet again after not seeing each other for a long time, and Sakamoto even cuts out of work to attend. Later at the reception Mitaka and Asuna arrive after a visit to the hospital. Asuna is very pregnant, and she and Shun are extremely happy together. Godai gives a speech thanking everyone for taking care of him all these years and asks for their continued support. The story flashes forward as Yusaku reveals the fates of Kozue, Ibuki, Shun and Asuna, Master and Akemi. Finally everyone arrives back at Maison Ikkoku anxiously awaiting Yusaku and Kyoko's return from the hospital. As the taxi pulls up the happy couple steps out with their new baby, Haruka. Everyone welcomes her to her new home as the series ends.

  • EP19 Ah, Excitement! Grandma's love embosomed in the ring

    Godai decides that it's time for Kyoko to finally meet his parents. A bit nervously, he phones home (his parents don't know about Kyoko yet). His grandma helps things along by inviting them to come over (to Nigata Prefecture) right away - tomorrow. They take the train, and then taxi to the restaurant (and home) where Godai's Grandma and parents live.Later that evening, Grandma loans some money to Godai so that he can afford the wedding; then she gives an engagement ring to Kyoko. With the snow falling outside, all is well. Then there is a knock at the door downstairs. Godai goes to answer, and it's none other than Yotsuya, Akemi and Ichinose! So much for a quiet night...

  • EP18 Alright! Godai-kun's courageous proposal!

    Kyoko goes to visit her sick father, and finds that he's very ill. At the Acorn Daycare Godai listen to his co-workers discussing marriage and decides he'd best begin to think about how he will propose to Kyoko. Kyoko has been wondering the same thing herself and keeps waiting and waiting for Godai to get around to asking. Her father is deadset against Kyoko getting married again and suddenly disappears from his sickbed in an attempt to do something about it. Kyoko calls Godai at the daycare to get him to look out for Mr. Chigusa should he show up, but later that night Godai is at the Bunny Cabaret and there is still no sign of him. That night just so happens to be Godai's last night at the cabaret and as he is giving the children presents that he's made for them, Mr. Chigusa arrives and promptly passes out. After waking up and having a few drinks with Godai's co-workers at his going-away party, Mr. Chigusa passes out drunk. As they walk back to Kyoko's parents house, Godai decides now is the time to propose to Kyoko. He asks her to marry him and she stops in her tracks and asks him to promise her just one thing; that he will outlive her. After losing Soichiro she knows she can't go through being alone again. Godai swears, and Mr. Chigusa wakes up and tells Kyoko that even if something happened she could always come back home, that she'll never be alone. Kyoko cries and hugs Godai and her father.

  • EP17 Sight of spring? The two's hearts are in warm feeling!!

    It's the day that Godai's graduation exam results are announced. The tenants of Ikkoku-kan get ready for a ""too-bad"" party for Godai. The banner reads: ""Too Bad, Don't Cry, Godai-kun!!! You still have next year!"" After leaving the college for the last time, Godai visits Shienomi day care's principal to get a reference to get a job at some day care. After Godai leaves the principal tries to pick up a box and breaks his back.At the cabaret, Godai's boss throws a cerebration party. Godai tries to call Ikkoku-kan twice in vain (nobody in Ikkoku-kan could hear the ring, because they are too busy partying). After he comes back, he proudly announces that he graduated, to the surprise of the tenants.

  • EP16 Kozue-chan's wedding! Godai's love is forever?!

    A shocked Kyoko ends up at Chachamaru where she sees Akemi. Akemi tells Kyoko the truth, that she did walk out of the hotel with Godai. When Godai and company walk in, she tells him that she hates him. Akemi explains to Master that even if she said nothing happened, she is so jealous that wouldn't believe her. Kyoko becomes irrational, and accuses Godai of sleeping around. Godai pats her gently on the cheek, and she runs out. Godai chases after her to return her jacket. He explains to her that Kyoko keeps forgetting one thing - that he loves her, always and forever. Later, Kozue meets Yotsuya on the train and learns the truth about the hotel. She comes to the cabaret to apologize, and Godai decides to apologize first, saying that he already has a woman he loves in his life. Kozue is relieved, because she already accepted another man's proposal. They part on a happy note.

  • EP15 Kyoko in shock! Akemi and Godai's unexpected relation!

    Kyoko's upset at her dad for telling Otonashi that she quit her job. Meanwhile Godai is trying to clean up quickly to go to Kyoko's but the loon squad keeps partying and making a mess. Godai kicks them out of the apartment and they end up partying at Chachamaru where Kyoko coincidentally ends up at. Akemi tells Kyoko that she's stubborn, and threatens to seduce Godai to prove her point. Later that night, Godai receives a call from Akemi who says she's in trouble. When Godai runs to get her, he realizes that she's in a love hotel. Akemi wakes up and says she drank too much, the guy left and she needed someone to pay. They walk out, and a shocked Kozue sees them leaving together. The next morning, Akemi tells Godai that he should be happy now after she helped split them up. All attempts to reach Kozue are futile, and Akemi and Ichinose berate him for trying to prolong the misunderstanding to end everything on a happy note. Ichinse visits Kyoko to tell her that everything has worked out a

  • EP14 Kyoko-san quitting! Ikkoku-kan's memory far away?

    Kyoko's gone after the previous night's fiasco. He explains what happened to the loon squad and they force Godai to go get Kyoko back. Kyoko is moping at her parent's place. She exclaims that she'll never get married. Her mom then realizes that it's not Mitaka she's moping over, but another guy. Godai shows up, but Kyoko tells her mom not to let him in. He yells out to her what really happened, but Kyoko throws a pillow at him and forces him out. Being back home of course, makes her dad extremely happy. Godai keeps coming back to try to get Kyoko but she remains stubborn. Meanwhile, the apartment is turning into a mess. Godai is put in charge of the apartment after her dad convinces Otonashi that Kyoko isn't coming back.

  • EP13 Unrequited love! Godai and Kyoko, it's over today?

    Kyoko is in shock after seeing Kozue kiss Godai. Goida returns to Ikkoku-kan after his exams are over. Before he leaves, the manager of the cabaret warns him that he's not good enough to handle two women at the same time. Godai has no idea why Kyoko seems to be mad at him. Kozue calls to ask Godai out for lunch. There, he finds out that another man proposed to her, but she doesn't know what Godai's feelings are. He tells her that when he graduates, he wants to propose to a lady (Kyoko) but Kozue misinterprets this to be her and decides to turn the other guy down. He walks home stunned. He explains what happened to Kyoko after she brings up the kiss and realizes how stupid he was. Surprising Godai, she kisses him. Godai tries to figure out how to tell Kozue the truth, but before he could, she barges into a New year's Party and cries out that Godai proposed to him. Kyoko's furious, slaps him, and then tells Godai to move out. He refuses. Kyoko decides to move out.

  • EP12 Love again?! Taste of a kiss that Kozue left!

    Kozue is invited to a dinner from her old classmate, who proposes to her. Her feeling sways between the classmate, and Godai. Next day, Kyoko is just about to leave to see how Godai is doing, when Kozue visits Ikkoku-kan. The two women head down to the cabaret. Kozue makes Godai go for a walk. She wants to talk about the proposal, but decides to put it off till Godai's exams are over. She kisses Godai, and leaves. The major problem is that Kyoko saw this kiss.

  • EP11 Asuna's pregnant? Mitaka's surprise marriage announcement!!

    Asuna announces about pregnancy without saying whose. Her driver not being able to bear the rumors which may flying around, decides to tell Asuna's parents what happened that night. So, the wedding arrangement of Asuna Kujou and Shun Mitaka ""warps"". Afterwards, everybody find out that it's Asuna's dog, Salad, who got pregnant, but the arrangement has gone to the point where it's irreversible.

  • EP10 Shocking one night! Asuna's Salad day.

    Mitaka arrives at his apartment, and finds Asuna and Salad (her dog), waiting at the door. Drunk and falling asleep, he ends up falling on top of her, inadvertantly kissing her as they fall to the floor. The next morning, Mitaka wakes up in bed, with his clothes changed and breakfast waiting in the kitchen. He wonders what happened. Then remembers that Asuna was here... but she's gone now. Godai decides to stay for the next few days and nights at the cabaret where he works, so that he can study for the exams. It would probably be less distracting there than at Ikkoku-kan.

  • EP9 This is the Critical point! Godai and Mitaka's duel of fate!

    Frustrated that he is fighting a losing battle, Mitaka decides to duke it out with Godai for Kyoko's love. On a calm night inside the park, the two rivals prepares to engage in their ""duel of fate.""

  • EP8 1000% suspicion. Kyoko's scandal night

    Worrying about Kyoko, Godai sits at the entrance of Ikkoku-kan. When Kyoko's father arrives in his car, he is shocked when Godai tells him that she left with Mitaka. The two men leave to search for her, before anything irrevocable might happen... In the restaurant, Mitaka sees Kyoko's unease, and suggests a walk outside. At the waterfront, Kyoko finally speaks up, and tearfully apologizes to Mitaka for letting this relationship drag on for so long. Meanwhile, Godai and Mr.Chigusa give up their search as dawn approaches. They arrive home, and find Kyoko sitting on the front-steps. Later, Kyoko tries to explain to Godai that ""nothing happened"" with Mitaka that night. However, that problem is set aside when Kasumi finally comes back to take her children home.

  • EP7 Yokohama chaser. Kyoko-san's going away?!

    Kyoko is ready to go out for lunch with her parents, but is confused when Mitaka arrives to escort her. She learns that not only will her parents be there, but so will Mitaka's parents! Arriving at the hotel, they also discover that another unexpected guest has come along, sneaking into Mitaka's car before they left Ikkoku-kan: Kasumi's son, Taro. Kyoko calls home to tell Godai about Taro, and her tone of voice hints at a more serious problem for Godai. He rushes off to the hotel, bringing Hanako along (since nobody else at Ikkoku-kan is conscious enough to look after her). There, Godai finds Taro but looks on helplessly as Mitaka drives away with Kyoko to Yokohama. That evening, during dinner, he tells her that he's arranged a room for them at this hotel...

  • EP6 Perfect dad! Godai-kun's child care story

    Godai is forced to take care of Kasumi's kids (one of the cabaret's hostesses who ran away). As Godai and Kyoko search for her, they are left to wonder what they would do with her kids if they can't find her and she never comes back.

  • EP5 Devotion of love. Asuna never gives up after all

    As Godai tries to sort out the mess he got himself into, Mitaka takes Kyoko out on a date (to Kyoko's surprise) and vows that he will win her before Godai becomes a socially-acceptable man. Mitaka also goes to visit Asuna and finds himself in an unexpected situation in front of his and Asuna's parents.

  • EP4 Godai in Panic! Yagami the Bunny Girl!!

    When Yagami finds out Godai's new line of work, she offers her services to help him pay off his debt at the cabaret. Yagami, however, is rejected because of her age and vows to settle the score with Kyoko. After a date with Mitaka, Kyoko meets Yagami in front of Ikkoku-kan and finds out the truth to Godai's newly-found employment.

  • EP3 I'm sorry Kyoko-san. Guilt trip homemade lunch

    Kyoko, still believing that Godai is working in daycare and looking for a job, begins to encourage Godai by making home-made lunch everyday. Having been laid off at daycare and working off his debt at the cabaret, Godai is pulled on whether to tell Kyoko the truth. To add insult to injuries, the looney gang discovers Godai's secret and decides to free load off of him at the cabaret every night and keep him in debt forever!

  • EP2 It's a secret! Godai's work diary

    After drinking with Sakamoto who celebrated by getting Godai's job, they wake up in debt in a cabaret. Having to pay off the debt, Godai is forced to work there in secrecy while looking for a permanent job.

  • EP1 Bravo Godai! The Pride of a Man

    Pressured by Yagami, her dad finally gives in and hands Godai a solid job offer. To everyone's astonishment, however, Godai hands the offer back saying that as much as it pains him, he wants to be more relied upon and find a job that he likes by himself.

  • EP24 I'll wait. Kyoko's sudden announcement

    As the battle for Kyoko's hand intensifies, Mitaka meets Kyoko and her parents in front of Souchiro's grave and seeks to use their influences on Kyoko and encourage her to marry him. In front of Souchiro's grave and with Godai overhearing, Kyoko tells Souchiro that she has made up her mind and will be single until next spring.

  • EP23 Love all the way. Yagami and Asuna never give up.

    After finding out that Godai is again unemployed, Yagami vows to help Godai anyway and she can teach her dad a lesson. In the meantime, Mitaka, pressured by her uncle, pays a visit to Asuna who is suffering from love sickness.

  • EP22 Change in employment front. Godai's last come back.

    After the real reason of missing his interview is revealed, Godai finally receives his elusive job offer. Just when Godai is about to plan his future with his new job and celebrate with Kyoko, they overhear the bad news that Godai's company has declared bankrupcy and all employees have been laid off.

  • EP21 Ikkoku-kan hostage crisis. Yagami's big nuisance!

    When Yagami finds out that Godai did not show up at his job interview, she storms into Ikkoku-kan to find out why. When her dad comes looking for her, Yagami locks herself in Godai's room and threatens to live with Godai if her dad does not offer him a job.

  • EP20 Child is born? Godai's life of joy and cry!

    When Godai goes to meet Yagami's father for the job interview of his life, he meets a pregnant woman on the street begging him for help. Will Godai sacrifice his future to help this woman? Or will he be brave enough to face his fate with Yagami's father?

  • EP19 A Midsummer night's dream. Godai already found a job?

    Yagami reveals during the autumn festival that her father is the head of personnel at a major corporation and that she is willing to help Godai-sensei to get the job of his dreams. Could this be Godai's big chance?

  • EP18 Goodbye Grandma! Ueno station is party panic

    Before Grandma Yukari goes back home, she gives Godai some words of wisdom and holds a BIG PARTY right in the train station.

  • EP17 Underwater battle. Suspicious kiss mark on Godai

    When the gang goes to a hotel resort, Godai must explain to everyone (including Kyoko) how he got a mysterious kiss mark on his shoulder.

  • EP16 Grandma Yukari's Fighting Spirit. Hot Baseball Match!

    With free drinks & peanuts on the line, the Ikkoku-kan gang and friends, representing Cha Cha Maru, engages in a ""hot"" baseball match.

  • EP15 Even Yagami is confused! Grandma Yukari returns with golden teeth!!

    Grandma Yukari comes back to check up on his grandson, his love life, and his future plans. She meets Yagami for the very first time.

  • EP14 Yagami's challenge! I musn't lose against the widow!

    When Yagami's sensei finds out why her grades are dropping from Kyoko, Yagami vows to confront Kyoko to tell her to butt out of her business and her love for Godai. On a cold rainy day, Yagami confronts Kyoko outside Ikkoku-kan in their ultimate showdown!

  • EP13 Yagami's scream! Yotsuya's Dangerous tutoring!

    When Godai refuses to continue tutoring her, Yagami asks Yotsuya to replace him. Little does she know that she has made a terrible mistake.

  • EP12 Godai on the Edge! The Sweet Trap of a High School Girl

    Godai starts tutoring Yagami, but his neighbors keep interrupting the session. Eventually after dealing with them Godai and Yagami are able to get down to business. Godai is helpful to Yagami until Kyoko comes by and then he suddenly distances himself. Yagami starts to think that she'll never get into the right mood with Godai as long as Kyoko is around. At her home the subject of tutoring comes up with Yagami's parents. Apparently they don't know she's already got one. Her father who's a hard-nosed overprotective father points out that she doesn't want a man tutoring his daughter. Yagami wonders how long she can keep it a secret. We later catch up with Mitaka at his apartment. He's apparently been staying home with his new dog, a little pomeranian he named MacEnroe. Mitaka's been putting himself through rigorous training trying to warm up to the dog and get over his fear, but he's still controlled by his phobia and can't bring himself to spend more than a few seconds with it before ru

  • EP11 Yagami's Back by the Time She's Forgotten

    It's been many months since Yagami last saw Godai. Still she hasn't forgotten about him. She feels like seeing him again and locates him working at the day care. Godai however doesn't seem to happy to see her. Yagami apologizes and runs away, but Godai feels guilty and invites for a treat. Yagami had noticed the ad Godai posted to tutor young students. She suggests he use her since she'll need to study for upcoming entrance exams. Godai tells her that he is only looking to tutor younger kids and that she should forget about him. He walks away, but forgot his wallet and has to get Yagami to pay. Yagami can't think of any excuse to see Godai again, but gets an idea and asks her friend to borrow her little brother. Godai gets an offer over the phone to tutor a student, and sets the meeting for the next day. The following evening Yagami comes to their door with a little smart looking kid named Toru who turns out to be her friend's brother. They say they're here to meet about the tutoring.

  • EP10 Alright! In the Bath with Kyoko! Just the Two in an Open Bath

    Kyoko is on the bus headed towards the next stop on her trip. Godai on the other hand is stopped on the side of the road since his taxi broke down. When Godai finally catches up with the bus, he finds out Kyoko changed plans and got off earlier near the hot spring resorts. Godai gets a ride there and begins searching all the inns one by one. He just misses her right before she checks at an inn by the seaside. Kyoko phones Ikkoku-kan. Ichinose tells her that the plumbing is being fixed but everyone's fine, including Godai. Only after she hangs up do the tenants realize that Godai's not home. Kyoko is disappointed since she thinks all those glimpses of Godai she's seen and heard on the trip were just her imagination. As for Godai, by evening he's had no luck so he checks into an inn for the night. Feeling that he's failed, he goes to try out the open air hot spring bath. Shortly after Kyoko is in her room bored out of her mind. With nothing else to do she goes to soak in the hot springs.

  • EP9 Chase After Me, Godai. Kyoko's Lone Trip

    Kyoko gets a letter from Mitaka about how he's ashamed at what happened in his apartment. He vows never to see her until he confronts and overcomes the source of his problems (namely his dog phobia). Now Kyoko seems to have been rejected by both the men in her life and is alone again. Since she seems depressed, Ichinose suggests she go on a trip to forget her troubles. Kyoko decides to do it, but Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya keep butting in and trying to plan her vacation for her. Kyoko begins to suspect that they plan to tag along. Meanwhile at college Godai discusses with Sakamoto what happened last night. He's confused that Kyoko cried over his rejection, even though she seemed to be with Mitaka now. Sakamoto comes to the conclusion that Kyoko cried because she loves Godai. Realizing he could be right Godai hurries back home to talk to Kyoko and clear things up. He gets back too late as Kyoko has already gone and left a schedule on her door of where she'll be going. Godai grabs the s

  • EP8 Caught in the Act! Kyoko and Mitaka, Hot and Heavy!

    After his run in with Asuna's dogs, Mitaka has been staying in bed for the past few days feeling ill. Most of all he regrets hugging Asuna since now she's more attached to him than ever. He calls Kyoko and feeling sorry for him she goes to pay him a visit. Godai's been feeling worried about her seemingly growing relationship with Mitaka. So much so that when he sees Kyoko going out he follows her right to Mitaka's apartment. He hesitates to follow her inside but meets Asuna who had come to see Mitaka. Her dog Salad-chan seems to have followed Kyoko inside, so Godai goes with her to find the dog. In Mitaka's apartment Kyoko tries to avoid Mitaka but he confronts her. He gets close to her when Salad-chan climbs on him. Mitaka faints at the sight of the dog and falls right no top of Kyoko. Right then Asuna hears Salad-chan react and opens Mitaka's door. Godai and Asuna see what appears to be Kyoko and Mitaka embracing. Godai and Asuna are shocked and hurt. They both turn away quietly leav

  • EP7 Be Still, My Beating Heart! Asuna Kujo's Very First Time

    Kyoko's fated meeting with Mitaka never happened. Kyoko thinks it was her fault for falling asleep. Mitaka thinks it was his fault since his dog phobia kept him from showing up. She feels guilty about Mitaka, but also is still mad with Godai. Ichinose finds out that she was supposed to decide whether to accept his marriage proposal and this news reaches Godai who now fully realizes the magnitude of his selfishness. At Mitaka's apartment his uncle is visiting and still persists in hounding Mitaka about the marriage to Asuna. Mitaka decides to reveal his dog phobia to his uncle to get him off his back, but his uncle thinks he's just making excuses. At the daycare Godai is wondering how to apologize to Kyoko since he she doesn't seem to be speaking to him. He gets a voice tape from a little girl named Kyoko who's got a crush on him asking him innocently to marry him. He gets an idea to do the same thing. Kyoko and Mitaka make up, but she finds out that the omiai is still going on with Asu

  • EP6 Godai or Mitaka? A Woman's Heart is on the Line

    Kyoko has three days left to decide whether she'll accept Mitaka's marriage proposal. Mitaka continues to remind her, but still gives her some distance. Asuna shows up and once tries to tell Kyoko not to go out with Mitaka anymore, but she's too reserved to say it. The following morning, as Godai is leaving early for work, Kyoko stops him and tells him to come home early. Godai agrees and heads off. Kyoko goes shopping to get food for their dinner later. On the way back she meets Asuna and her dogs yet another time, but Asuna still just chats about dogs. That evening Godai gets off work and is going to head home, but Sakamoto finds him and reminds him that they're supposed to be going to a mandatory class party that Godai can't afford to miss. Godai never gets the opportunity to cut out early. As for Kyoko she waits at home with a big meal and a bottle of wine for Godai, but he never shows up. The other tenants come to keep her company (and eat the dinner) and she finds out where Godai

  • EP5 The Princess Cometh! Mitaka is Her Prince Charming

    This episode introduces Asuna Kujo, daughter of an ex-noble family who are business partners with Mitaka's uncle. Mitaka meets with Asuna and her family for the omiai. Mitaka seems to like her, although is surprised to see such a meek and old-fashioned girl in this day and age. Asuna wants him to meet her ""brothers and sisters"" and so she goes to fetch them. The siblings she was referring to turn out to be her dogs. Apparently Asuna is an avid dog lover with six dogs of her own. Mitaka having a dog phobia, doesn't react well and goes into a seizure. He definitely decides to cancel the arranged marriage. He tells Kyoko that he's canceling for her sake. Around the same time Kozue calls up Godai and comes to visit. She offers Godai a part time job at a day care that opened up after her friend decided to leave. Godai seems happy to take it. Meanwhile Asuna's parents talk discuss Mitaka's sudden strange behavior during the omiai. They wonder if they should call it off, but Asuna has decided

  • EP4 Yagami is Determined: I Won't Give Up My First Love

    Yagami and Godai leave for school together, and arrive arm in arm, much to Godai's chagrin. The other students begin to quiz her on the previous night's activities, asking if she and Godai really slept together. But its actually Godai's last day of student teaching, and his nightmare is almost over. Yagami becomes flustered when she walks into her classroom to find a message for her and Godai on the blackboard. The constant teasing by her classmates is more than she can take, and so, while delivering the student evaluations to Godai, she tells him that she is over him. Meanwhile at the tennis club, Mitaka asks Mrs. Ichinose about Yagami and gets all the latest gossip about how angry Kyoko is with the whole situation. Suddenly, Mitaka's Uncle pulls up and begins telling him about a woman that he wants Mitaka to meet. Shun tries to quiet him down until they can have a bit more privacy, but at the nearby coffee shop, when his Uncle makes the offer again and Kyoko doesn't react, Mitaka dec

  • EP3 Pajama-Girl Charges In! Maison Ikkoku in a Love Panic!

    Ever since what happened last time, Yagami hasn't been able to get close to Godai with her homeroom teacher keeping an eye on her. With only two days left before Godai's student teaching stint ends, she's almost out of time. Yagami inquires to Kamiogi-sensei about Kyoko and learns that she too was in love with a student teacher at the school and ended up marrying him. This gives Yagami added impetus realizing that it is possible to make it work. She invites herself and her friends to Godai's place the next day as an informal good-bye. Kyoko wants to help but Yagami becomes really possessive. Kyoko starts catching on to how aggressive this girl is. In Godai's room, Yotsuya greets the high school girls wearing a white tuxedo. After a lively time, the Ikkoku-kan gang see the girls off. The realize a bit later that Yagami hasn't gone with them. Apparently she plans to sleep over. Godai tries to get her to leave but she isn't budging. She tries whatever tactic she can to stall until after t

  • EP2 Bare-Faced Attack! Operation Seduction

    Even in the middle of a lesson, Yagami is trying her best to corner Godai and get him to reveal his feelings towards Kyoko. His supervisor Kamiogi-sensei is wise to the situation and warns Godai not take Yagami's advances seriously. Godai of course has no intention to reciprocate. Under the guise of discussing the distribution of clean-up duties, Yagami gets Godai alone and tries to kiss him. She's almost caught, so instead Yagami gives Godai a journal supposedly outlining the classroom duties. On the way home he runs into Kozue who sets his mind at ease that these high school crushes are usually just a phase. When he gets back to Ikkoku-kan Kyoko nonchalantly brings up the subject of Yagami, but Godai gets defensive, which kind of stuns Kyoko. In his room he settles in and opens the notebook Yagami handed him. Inside the words ""suki desu"" (I love you) are written on every page. Of course Yotsuya, Ichinose and Akemi all find out and tease him about it. The three of them later set up a

  • EP1 High-School Girl Power! A War Against Kyoko's Love

    This episode marks the first appearance of Ibuki Yagami. As a college co-op, Godai has entered a student teacher's program. For the next two weeks he'll be teaching at an all-girls high school which he discovers is the very same school that Kyoko attended and where she met her husband Soichiro. Godai has a rough start since he's so weak-willed that he has difficulty controlling the students. The class representative Yagami helps him out, but comes to think of him as just another wimp. During a break, Godai gets an idea to find the old yearbooks to finally discover what Soichiro looked like, but of course he has no luck. Yagami spies on him and in typical schoolgirl fashion, she romanticizes the situation and comes to believe that he's suffering over the death of an old girlfriend that attended this school. Now she's suddenly developed a crush on Godai. At the end of the day she paints her hand and slaps Godai on the back, imprinting a red heart on his shirt (an old schoolgirl prank). T

  • EP26 Forgive me Soichiro! Kyoko's Tearful Decision to Remarry

    The fourth anniversary of Soichiro's death arrives and Kyoko invites her parents to attend, hoping that they will make an excuse not to come, since last year that used the opportunity to pressure her into remarriage. To her surprise they accept, and the entire time she is visiting the grave site, she waits for them to spring their trap on her. To her surprise, they never do, and the entire family ends up having a very pleasant day. When she arrives back at Maison Ikkoku, Mrs. Ichinose asks her what she talked about, and she tells her that her parents were well-behaved and didn't mention remarriage. Ichinose corrects herself and asks what Kyoko talked about to Soichiro. Kyoko panics when she realizes that she didn't visit with him at all during the trip, as she was too preoccupied with her parents. This event puts Kyoko into a deeply depressed state. She begins wondering why she wouldn't remember to visit with him, and begins to think that she's forgetting him. During a date with Mitaka

  • EP25 Even Yotsuya's Shocked! The Day Maison Ikkoku Disappears

    Kyoko frantically decides to try and get in touch with her father-in-law, the owner of Maison Ikkoku. Instead, the get Ikuko, who tells her that he's in Hong Kong on a business trip for a few days. So they still have no answers about the rumor of Maison Ikkoku's destruction. Kyoko worries that Mitsukoshi will be affected the worst, and tells him so, but he feels sorry for the rest of the tenants who have lived there for so long. The group decides to track these rumors to the source, and get to the bottom of this. Akemi asks Master where he heard it from, and he said various customers told him. When Kyoko arrives, she tells them she got in touch with the Public Works, and found out that a similar building to Maison Ikkoku is going to be torn down, and that that must be where the confusion started. Yotsuya enters and discounts her theory, stating that his ""co-workers"" all told him that they were sure it was Maison Ikkoku that was scheduled for demolition. Godai goes in search of Coach Mi

  • EP24 Kyoko in Love at First Sight?! A Strange Man Moves into Maison Ikkoku

    As Kyoko returns home from walking Soichiro, the phone begins to ring. She rushes inside to answer it and learns that a new tenant will be arriving the next day. But when she asks for details, the voice on the other end hangs up abruptly. Kyoko goes to work cleaning the floors of Room 3 when Mrs. Ichinose asks if they're getting a new arrival. When Kyoko tells her the news she becomes very excited and asks Godai to go to the store and buy some party supplies while she calls Akemi and gets the party set up. That night, it begins to rain, and the mysterious guests luggage arrives, but he never shows up. The next day a kind older-looking man shows up on the front porch and says that he is the new tenant, Zenzaburo Mitsukoshi. Everyone seems to take to him instantly, and that night during the party Kyoko notices that his yukata doesn't fit him right. Yotsuya jokingly asks if that's because his dead wife made it and he only wears it to remember her. When Mitsukoshi says yes, Yotsuya actuall

  • EP23 Mitaka Trains! Lover Boy. Can't be Afraid of Dogs!

    As Mitaka sits with a nameless date watching a movie, he begins to become very bored with the entire situation. Suddenly, on the screen a dog appears, sending Mitaka running out into the lobby. Taking time to catch his breath, a woman notices him and walks over. It happens to be Akemi, and she notices how ill he looks. As the dog barks, Mitaka gets jumpy again, and Akemi finally learns his dreaded secret, that he is terrified of dogs. Akemi promises to help him overcome his fear. The next day, Akemi leaves Maison Ikkoku happier than anyone has seen her in a long time. She meets Mitaka at the Statue of Hachiko and they agree to go have lunch before they get started, but Akemi wants Shun to try and pet the statue, which he is unable to do. Seeing how traumatizing Mitaka's fear is, Akemi decides she'll need more help, and so she tells Yotsuya, Godai, and Mrs. Ichinose about the Coach's dilemma. When Yotsuya meets with Mitaka, he learns that as a boy Mitaka snuck into a large dog's doghous

  • EP22 Godai's Confession! I Want You to Know How I Feel!!

    Kyoko finds out that her mother has been very sick lately and is unable to take care of her father, prompting her to go home and help out for two or three days. Godai gets worried that it could be another plot to trick Kyoko into quitting at Maison Ikkoku, but Mrs. Ichinose reassures him that Kyoko is too smart for that. Godai doesn't think much of it for the next few days, but after the alotted time passes he begins to think something may have happened. Trying to shake off his feelings of worry, Godai takes Soichiro for a walk and meets Mr. Ichinose, who is on his way home from work. Being the kind man he is, Mr. Ichinose invites Godai to have dinner with him and the two begin talking. Ichinose instantly guesses that Godai was walking around, hoping to run into Kyoko. He mentions to Godai that he reminds him of himself when he was younger and proceeds to tell him about a woman he used to be infatuated with at his first job out of college. She was a ""jewel in a dunghill"" he says, and h

  • EP21 Kyoko Loses it! Drunk and Crazy!

    While Godai is out of school for one more week, he and Sakamoto decide they had better get a part time job. Things start off badly when Godai tells his prospective new boss, a tavern owner, that he will only be able to work for one week. Sakamoto scolds Godai for not lying about how long he would be able to work, then the two head off to the local supermarket to buy food. While shopping Sakamoto runs into Kyoko and tells her he'll be staying with Godai. When she notices the meager amount of food in Sakamoto's cart, she gets a bit worried. Mrs. Ichinose arrives and pulls Kyoko off to see something, when Godai arrives and notices Sakamoto staring lovingly where Kyoko was standing. Godai quizzes him on what exactly he was talking to the Manager about, when Sakamoto tells him not to get so defensive. When the two friends arrive at Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko invites Sakamoto to have dinner with her and tells Godai he can come too, causing Godai to feel a bit like a fifth wheel. Over dinner, Sakam

  • EP20 Race for Kyoko! Skating Rink is Love's Battleground

    Kyoko, Mrs. Ichinose, Kentaro and Ikuko plan a trip to a skating rink with Godai and Mitaka tagging along. The problems begin almost instantly when the rental van seating arrangement leaves Mitaka and Godai sitting up front together with Mitaka driving and Godai in charge of the tape deck. On the way, Ikuko asks Godai to teach her how to skate once they arrive, but he modestly refuses, telling her that Mitaka would be a much better coach. Mitaka also refuses and passes the task back to Godai. Once they arrive everyone learns why. Neither Mitaka nor Godai have a clue about how to skate. They begin stumbling all over the rink, begging Kyoko to help them and refusing the help of Mrs. Ichinose. Kyoko reluctantly agrees to help, when suddenly Akemi and Yotsuya arrive to cause problems for Godai. Soon Godai is laid out on the ice with Yotsuya refusing to let anyone help him, in hopes of fostering a sense of independance in him. Ikuko finally offers Godai some comfort, which enrages Kentaro,

  • EP19 A Shocking Revelation: Kyoko Declares Her Love to Godai?!

    Finals approach and Godai is playing catch-up. Because of his broken leg and extended hospital stay Yusaku has fallen behind in all his classes. Sakamoto helps him out though by providing a copy of all his notes and answers to old tests. Kyoko decides that its partially her fault that Godai is so far behind because she still feels that she was the one that caused him to fall and break his leg. So she sets out on a mission to make sure Mrs. Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya stay out of his room and don't do any loud partying until finals are over. As the days progress, Godai studies his hardest and finds that Kyoko is being more affectionate than ever, offering to cook all his meals for him and checking up on him from time to time to see how he is progressing. When the tests finally arrive, Godai does his best and manages to get through them all, with the exception of his last final of the semester, Adolescent Psychology. Godai really buckles down the night before for an all out cram session.

  • EP18 Kentaro Freaks Out! Yotsuya's Frightening True Identity

    After Kentaro tries to hide a bad grade from his mother, she gets angry with him and yells. He runs into the attic to get away for awhile and finds an old album. He's shocked to find that the album has pictures dating back almost 60 years and that they all have Yotsuya in them! Even stranger is that he looks exactly the same as he does today. Mrs. Ichinose begins to get worried about how on edge Kentaro becomes after finding the album and decides to do something about it. When she mentions it to Mitaka he agrees, and decides to formulate a plan in order to learn more about Yotsuya's past. Godai follows Yotsuya after he leaves for work, and watches him with a little girl on a playground. Godai is shocked when the girl calls him ""sempai"". Yotsuya then moves on to catch a bus. He misses his bus while watching a cat, but sees Godai and gets him to pay for a few games of Pachinko. After that Kyoko dons a disguise and follows him to an oversees refugee organization. While there, Yotsuya sits

  • EP17 Love Speaks! Godai and Mitaka Duke it Out at the Hospital!

    Mitaka and Godai begin to get on each others nerves at the hospital. Mitaka and Mrs. Ichinose notice that Kyoko and Godai seem to have a playfulness about them. Mitaka gets desperate and tries to hug Kyoko after Godai leaves the room, but only gets embarassed at trying so hard. Godai and Mitaka continue to battle for Kyoko's attention, and Kyoko is delighted that they both want her to help so much, but all that changes when Mitaka's group of college girls comes to take over his care. Right after that Kozue shows up and insists on helping Godai, leaving Kyoko with nothing to do. Mitaka and Godai both watch helplessly from their window as Kyoko leaves the hospital, taking just enough time to leave them a message in the snow.

  • EP16 Godai Breaks His Leg! Chance for Love at the Hospital!

    Godai's been feeling depressed about leading Kozue on lately. Kyoko isn't helping, by constantly telling Godai how much Kozue likes him. When he finally decides to end things between them, Kozue surprises him with a new sweater. Unable to do anything, Godai happily accepts the gift and returns to Maison Ikkoku, where he and Kyoko get into an argument, causing her to almost fall off the roof. Godai rescues her in the nick of time, but falls out of his second story window in the process, breaking his leg and taking quite a blow to the head. When he wakes up in the hospital, he finds out Kyoko's taken care of everything, but can't bring herself to visit out of shame. When she finally does arrive, Mitaka shows up and sees that Kyoko's sympathy for Godai might lead to trouble for him. Godai and Kyoko take a walk and embrace each other, almost kissing before an ambulance interrupts them. They're both shocked to see Mitaka in Godai's room, he apparently broke his leg in a skiing accident.

  • EP15 Kyoko's Hot Spring Heart Stopper: Peeping Wars at the Outdoor Baths!

    The Ikkoku residents decide to visit a hotsprings and Mitaka comes along. The trip starts off badly for Godai as he's forced to carry everyones bags. When they finally get to the hotsprings Godai begins to relax a little until Yotsuya attempts to find a way to peep at Kyoko, Akemi and Mrs. Ichinose on the other side. Godai and Mitaka try and stop him, but Godai gets stuck between the dividing wall and almost drowns. The night gets worse when they learn that Ichinose and Yotsuya spent all the money on booze instead of food. Everyone gets wasted and passes out, but Godai awakens in the middle of the night to find himself face to face with a sleeping Kyoko!

  • EP14 A Bittersweet Favor! Budding Christmas Love!?

    Godai rides the train to its destination, and meets Sakamoto at the appointed cafe. Sakamoto shows up late an sits down, very sullen. He tells Godai that he was able to figure out what the rock consisted of, but that he forgot the rock on the train. Godai panics and they run to the platform's lost and found and to see if anyone turned it in. Unfortunately, no one has, and so Godai and Sakamoto board the train to search themselves. They don't find it and have to come back to their original destination just to ask at lost and found again. When they arrive this time, the attendant says someone turned it in down the line, but when they check into it, they find a rocker, not a rock. Godai begins to lose all hope, and can't believe that he is responsible for losing the only present Soichiro ever got to give Kyoko. Sakamoto says that if he found it he would have just thrown it away. As soon as Godai hears this he leaps off the train and begins digging through the trash cans. Suddenly, he find

  • EP13 Love Takes Guts! Godai's Part Time Job Ploy!

    As Kyoko cleans out her room, she notices something stuck in the back of her closet. When she pulls it out to inspect it, she realizes its a rock that her late husband gave her. Its quite large and has mysterious green specks in it. Kyoko wonders if it had any special meaning, and asks Godai if he could help her learn something about it. He agrees to try his best and takes it to school with him. Godai meets Kozue at a bookstore later that day and they go window shopping for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Kozue points out an expensive cat brooch that she thinks is cute and so Godai decides to take on as many jobs as he can to buy Kozue, Kyoko and Ikuko presents. He and Sakamoto get a variety of odd jobs including a children's drama show, cashiers and sewer workers. He finally earns enough money and buys the brooch for Kozue, a bracelet for Kyoko and a Dappya doll for Ikuko. He also learns that Sakamoto knows someone in the Geology department that can identify the rock for Kyoko. Meanw

  • EP12 Godai's Dumped!? Kozue Falls For Coach Mitaka!?

    Kozue begins to notice that Godai isn't as affectionate with her as other couples in their dating situation seem to be. She begins worrying about why this is happening and turns to Mitaka for answers. He readily instructs her, in hopes that keeping Kozue together with Godai will open up his chances of winning Kyoko. Yotsuya spies on Mitaka and reports back to Godai. Yusaku had no idea that any of this was going on, but decides its time to break up with Kozue. He runs into her and Mitaka at a diner, and Mitaka tells him to say goodbye the right way. Godai thinks this must mean to break up with Kozue, so when he tries to he puts his arm around her, and Kozue gets excited, because all she wanted in the first place was a little more affection from Godai.

  • EP11 Crazy Costume Contest! Kyoko's Amazing Transformation

    When a new mirror arrives at Ikkoku all hell breaks loose. Kyoko orders a floor length mirror for her room and decides to try on her old high school uniform. Before she can take it off, the other tenants bust into her room and try to get her to party with them. They whisk her off to Godai's room, and don costumes themselves. Ichinose and Godai get their old high school outfits, while Akemi dresses as a nurse and Yotsuya as a Buddist monk. They begin acting out little plays until Mitaka arrives. After seeing how much fun Kyoko seems to be having with Godai, he readily joins in, becoming a doctor. They continue to wrestle and get out of control until Kentaro comes home and tells Kyoko how dissapointed in her he is.

  • EP10 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... But a Woman's Love is Priceless

    Akemi sits in her boyfriend Hiroshi's car as they watch the ships coming into the docks. Suddenly he tells her he's breaking up with her, and Akemi finds another womans earring on the seat. She keeps her cool, and simply walks away. When she arrives at Maison Ikkoku though, she is completely drunk. When she passes out in the entryway, Godai and Kyoko have to carry her up to her room. She wakes up in a daze and kisses Godai. Kyoko starts telling her to pull herself together, and Akemi kisses her! Then Akemi tosses them out. Godai and Kyoko nervously stand in the hall, wiping the lipstick off their lips. The next day, Godai asks Akemi if there is anything he can do for her, but Akemi can't remember why he would ask something like that. Later she does remember and goes downstairs to apologize to Kyoko. In town, Akemi and Godai pass each other on the street, and she gives him a lighter that Hiroshi had given her. Godai begins to think that maybe she likes him, and so he nervously wonders w

  • EP9 The Great Date Race! Kyoko and Godai Have Left the Building

    Godai learns that his Grandma has set he and Kyoko up on a date. When he goes downstairs to apologize to Kyoko, she tells him that she's actually looking forward to it, which really gets Godai excited. As Godai and Kyoko head off on their date, Yuakari gives them their itinerary, and then they head off. The first stop is the movie theater, where they run into Yotsuya, after they escape from him, they go to a toy store, where Kyoko gets very excited and plays with everything. Suddenly Mrs. Ichinose and Kentaro walk up and talk to the two. Godai begins to get suspicious and pulls Kyoko out of the store. They hide for a second and then decide to go get lunch, at the restaurant they sit down next to Akemi and Master, and then they know something is really up. They run out of the restaurant and everyone gives chase. They finally catch a break, but it doesn't last for long as the tenants find them again. The rest of the day is spent escaping the Looney Gang. Godai apologizes for the ruined d

  • EP8 Overpowered by Love! The Grandma Yukari Gold Tooth Gauntlet!

    Godai wakes up to rustling noise in his room, when he demands Yotsuya stop it, he opens his eyes to see his Grandmother. To his surprise, he was supposed to pick her up, but totally forgot. She wastes no time in scolding him, and embarassing him in front of Kyoko. When she learns from the Manager that Godai has a girlfriend, she insists upon meeting her. Godai takes her to meet Kozue the next day, and they all make a nice day out of it. Grandma pressures him into asking Kozue to marry, much to Godai's horror, but he gets out of it. When they arrive back at Maison Ikkoku, she demands that Godai choose between Kozue or Kyoko. Godai refuses to discuss it with her, until the other tenants arrive and begin to party. The next day, Grandma Yukari learns about Kyoko's friendship with Mitaka and insists upon meeting him. And so, Yukari attends Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose's regular tennis class and meets Shun. At first he thinks she must be Kyoko's grandmother, and quickly realizes his charms have n

  • EP7 The Case of the Shocking Diary My Husband Had a Sweetheart!

    After finishing a tutoring session with Ikuko, Grandfather Otonashi asks Godai to return Soichiro's diary to Kyoko. On the trip home, Godai worries about it bringing back memories for Kyoko, and as soon as he gives it to her, it has the effect he was hoping it wouldn't. As Kyoko flips through the diary, she realizes that Soichiro's life was actually fairly boring. All he would write about was the food he was eating. Until one day when he received a mysterious postcard. But the postcard is missing, having fallen into Godai's bag. Kyoko becomes worried that the postcard was from another woman and searches everywhere for it. Godai notices how depressed she's become, but doesn't know why. He thinks the memory of Soichiro is too much for her to handle. A few days later, he finds the card, and returns it to Kyoko, when she realizes it was a simple postcard from her, she is overjoyed.

  • EP6 The Incredible , Unforgettable Egg! Yotsuya's Dangerous Gift

    Yotsuya entrusts a mysterious egg to Godai in the middle of the night, before mysteriously leaving Maison Ikkoku. The next morning everyone rushes in to Room 5 as they hear Godai's screams of terror. He thought the whole meeting between he and Yotsuya had been nothing more than a strange dream. When he tells everyone what happened, Kyoko and Ichinose are instantly flummoxed about what Yotsuya could possibly want Godai to do with the egg. Should he eat it, or protect it? Akemi decides to steal the egg and feed it to Soichiro, but Kyoko manages to snatch it back just in time. Over the next few days, Kentaro and Akemi both try stealing the egg, Godai worries over what to do before Yotsuya returns, a strange habit of Mrs. Ichinose's is revealed, and Kyoko becomes obessesed with trying to find out how to tell a hard-boiled egg from a raw egg without breaking it open.

  • EP5 Scandal at Ikkoku! Godai's...SHACKING UP!?

    Kyoko learns that Godai is living with a woman, and thinks that this is the real reason he left. Godai comes back to the apartment and learns that the Yakuza has pawned all his belongings so that he can have money to gamble. After they refuse to move out, Godai hits the streets in hopes of finding a friend he can stay with. He calls Maison Ikkoku, but a dejected Kyoko lies and tells him all the rooms are full. After walking around all night and not finding a place to sleep, he begins to get really sick. Finally stumbling his way back to Maison Ikkoku, the other tenants see him and chance after him, Kyoko finally grabs him and tells him to come home.

  • EP4 What!? Kyoko Married!? Godai's Tearful Goodbye

    Rumors of a wedding between Mitaka and Kyoko are flying, leaving the tenants depressed that they've been kept in the dark. Godai finally decides to confront Kyoko, but a passing train leaves out a key detail, its Mitaka's Sister who is getting married, not Mitaka and Kyoko. A tearful Godai quickly packs up all his things and moves out of Maison Ikkoku before Kyoko can stop him. He finds a new apartment above Galaxy Pachinko and is shocked to find an incredibly sexy girl named Ayako already living there. He finally decides that it won't be too bad living with her until she can find a new place, that is until her Yakuza boyfriend shows up and makes this comfy couple into a terrible three-some. Kyoko is of course too proud to find Godai and tell him what's really going on, but even if she wanted to she couldn't, that is until the movers arrive for Godai's furniture. Getting the address from them, Kyoko visits Godai's new apartment to deliver a package, but instead finds only a half-dresse

  • EP3 Fall Festival Foul - Up ! All Swell That Ends In A Well

    All the Maison Ikkoku tenants visit a local Fall Festival and Godai and Kyoko even decide to take part in it. A misunderstanding leads to Kyoko falling down a very deep well. Before long Godai realizes that Yotsuya was mainly responsible for the mishap, but when he goes to save her, he gets pulled in as well. Soon Yotsuya drops by but instead of helping, he uses the well in order to partake of his favorite hobby, voyeurism. After he leaves Yotsuya brings Mitaka to the well, but for reasons only known to him, he decides to push him in with Godai and Kyoko. Now a new problem has risen its ugly head...who will help Kyoko get out, and who will stay stuck at the bottom of the well? Soon enough a frightened Kozue climbs down into the well to hide from some locals dressed as monsters, Akemi jumps in to visit with Mitaka, Sakamoto hops in for a visit, Yotsuya returns to join in the fun, and Ichinose drunkenly dives in too! Can Kentaro save everyone else?

  • EP2 Even Kyoko's Surprised! "I'm Kentaro's Father."

    The tenants are shocked when they begin seeing a mystery man leaving Maison Ikkoku. Soon enough they realize that he is none other than Kentaro's father, Mr. Ichinose! After losing his job, Mr. Ichinose begins having trouble finding a new one, meanwhile Kentaro has a parent/child sports meet at his elementary school, but is too embarassed to ask his overweight, alcoholic mother, and recently unemployed father to come, so instead he asks Godai and Kyoko to come as his sister and her husband. Godai is all to happy to accept, but Kyoko feels guilty. Yotsuya finally tells Mr. Ichinose what Kentaro has planned, and the Ichinose's decide to not only compete, but win the three-legged race.

  • EP1 Soichiro Gone!? Yakitori Memories

    Kentaro offers to walk Soichiro for Kyoko, but ends up losing him. Kyoko tries her best to reassure Kentaro that Soichiro will find his way home, but in reality she is terrified of never seeing him again. She remembers the day that she and her husband first brought Soichiro home, and how he wouldn't answer to any other name. All the tenants do their best to find the missing dog, and after many false hopes, begin to give up. Finally, Godai finds him at the house of a family a few blocks away and returns him to a greatful and shocked Kyoko.

  • EP26 Godai's Out of It! Kyoko's on the Rampage

    Kyoko visits an old high school friend and her new baby for lunch. The topic of conversation centers on how much Kyoko wishes she had had a baby with Soichiro before he died. Her friend tells her how much harder it would be for her to get remarried if that happened, and Kyoko says she isn't very interested in getting married. As she goes back to Ikkoku, Kyoko begins to weigh her options. She realizes that she would like to have a baby before she hits thirty, and that with Godai she would have to wait a few years, but Mitaka and she could get started right away. Ichinose visits her and tells her that Godai is cleaning his room for Kozue, who is making her first official visit today. Kyoko becomes jealous when she hears this, even though Mrs. Ichinose says Godai didn't brag about the visit, she just overheard him on the telephone. As Kozue arrives, Godai tries to sneak her in, but Mrs. Ichinose catches them, and makes sure she gets Godai to say how jealous Kyoko can be while Kyoko is lis

  • EP25 In this Corner: Godai vs. Mitaka! The Clash of the Proposals

    As Godai watches Kyoko play tennis, Mrs. Ichinose tells him that things won't always stay the same. She mentions that Kyoko quit being their Manager this year and almost quit being an Otonashi altogether. Mitaka walks over and asks what the two are talking about, saying that he can tell just by looking at Kyoko that something is wrong with her. Soon, the entire Tennis Club is over at the fence talking about Kyoko, who finishes her workout and goes over to see what all the comotion is about. As the group covers up their discussion Godai is invited to play tennis with Kyoko in a mixed-doubles match against Mitaka and Ichinose. During the course of the match Mrs. Ichinose tells Mitaka about the recent goings-on at Maison Ikkoku and how Kyoko's family is pressuring her to remarry. Mitaka immediately takes this chance to tell Kyoko that he agree's with her family and that he would like her to be his partner for life, which Kyoko takes to mean his professional tennis partner. The next day, K

  • EP24 Godai in Confusion! Kozue's First Kiss

    Godai and Kozue sit in a cafe and stare out the window. Suddenly, she asks him if he owns a tie. Later Godai is putting on his best outfit and getting ready to meet with Kozue. As he attempts to tie his necktie he has a fantasy about Kyoko doing it for him before work. As a result of his daydream, he crashes his face through his mirror. Going downstairs Godai spies Mr. Otonashi and the Chigusa's coming out of Kyoko's room. Kyoko herself then leaves and tells Godai and Mrs. Ichinose that she's going to Soichiro's grave today. Godai begins to worry and tells her to hurry home. As he waits for Kozue in the park, Godai can't help but think that he should cancel the date and go and try to offer support to Kyoko. Suddenly, Kozue jumps out and surprises him. She's thrilled that he found a tie to wear, and they both go to the market to pick out a cantelope. Godai is very confused as they arrive at a nice middle income house. Kozue announces that this is her house and that he is finally getting

  • EP23 Kyoko's Brush with Danger! Mother's Nefarious Plot

    The tenants are shocked as Kyoko's mother tells them that Kyoko will no longer be the Manager of Maison Ikkoku. As soon as she walks out the door the movers rush in to pack up her room. Mrs. Ichinose goes into a rage after Yotsuya mentions that the previous manager also left this way. She doesn't believe that Kyoko could be anything like him, and that she always thought they were like an extended family. She continues screaming about how betrayed she feels when Godai collapses to the floor and begins crying uncontrollably. Ichinose hauls Godai down to ChaChaMaru so they can get drunk and tell Akemi what happened. Yotsuya stays behind in Kyoko's room to reflect on the recent events. A few minutes later, Kyoko arrives, running late from grocery shopping and is shocked to find her room completely empty and Yotsuya standing in the middle. Yotsuya tells her that her mother came and quit for her, then had her furniture moved to their house. Kyoko becomes furious and rushes to find her mother

  • EP22 Godai Gets a shock! Kyoko Calls It Quits

    Godai walks home from the laundromat, wondering how he's going to dry his clothes on the dangerous clothesline at home when he notices a strange man walking behind him. As he gets closer to Maison Ikkoku he notices the man is still following him. Godai goes inside and sees the man peeking over the wall. He quickly tells Kyoko, and they both go outside to investigate. They find the man hiding behind a telephone pole and Godai yells at him, causing him to run away. After a few verbal insults from Godai, Kyoko nervously tells him that the man was her father. Back his apartment, Kyoko's father, Mr. Chigusa and his wife Ritsuko argue about how stupid he must be to get caught at Maison Ikkoku. Kyoko calls and argues with her mother, but agrees to visit them the following Sunday. When Kyoko arrives at their apartment, she and her parents get into a knock-down, drag-out fight, and they tell her they want her to leave the slum that she's working at, and change her name back to Otonashi. Kyoko l

  • EP21 Godai's Panic! The Cat Who Came to Ikkoku.

    Godai and Sakamoto go out drinking with friends and Sakamoto gets Godai completely drunk. While he's in his druken stupor Sakamoto asks Godai to take care of his new pet cat while he goes out of town, and when Godai learns its name is Kyoko he happily agrees. The next morning, Godai wakes up in Sakamoto's apartment and doesn't remember a thing. After some convincing, Godai reluctantly agrees to take care of Sakamoto's cat, but is worried because he thinks Ikkoku has a no-pets policy. He manages to sneak the kitten into Maison Ikkoku, but his troubles begin right away when the cat uses the bathroom on his futon. As he screams her name in anger, the manager runs to his room to see why he was calling her. Before long the other tenants find out about Kyoko-chan. The kitten and Godai quickly bond and the other tenants manage to keep it a secret from the Manager while its staying with Godai, but once the cat goes missing Kyoko finds out and has to help him find her.

  • EP20 Kyoko's Ticking Time bomb ! Godai's Extended Absence

    Godai takes a late vacation over Winter break to visit his family in Niigata. While he's there he plays rugby with his old high school team and gets a black eye. Since he's so embarrassed about his appearance, he delays coming back until his eye heals. Kyoko gets worried and starts wondering why Godai isn't coming home. While making a delivery for his parents restaurant, Godai crashes into a telephone poll and gets a second black eye. His family refuses to let him stay with them any longer and he heads back to Tokyo. Once he gets home, an angry Kyoko chastises him for not calling but can only laugh once she sees his face.

  • EP19 Godai and Kyoko ! An Evening for Two Means Double the Trouble

    When New Year's comes around almost everyone at Maison Ikkoku has vacation plans. Yotsuya is going to visit his family, and the Ichinose's are visting relatives. The only people staying behnd are Kyoko, Godai, and Akemi. Kyoko and Akemi decide to watch the New Year's festivities on TV in Kyoko's room, and Akemi invites Godai to join them. On New Year's Even though, Akemi gets a call from her friends asking if she wants to go skiing in Wajima. Akemi accepts, but then feels guilty about leaving Kyoko alone with Godai. Kyoko reassures her that she'll be fine, so Akemi leaves. When Godai arrives, Kyoko tries to keep the fact that Akemi isn't home from him for as long as possible. Once Godai finds out, he starts planning ways to force himself on Kyoko, which all backfire. By the end of the night, Kyoko thinks he was the perfect gentleman and asks him to go to make offerings at the shrine with her.

  • EP18 Kyoko's Gift ! "What , You Mean it's For Me?"

    With Christmas just around the corner, Godai has to decide what he's going to get for Kyoko this year. He spends all his money on a set of earrings for her, but Kozue spots the present over lunch and assumes its for her. Godai has no choice but to give it to her as he had totally forgotten to buy anything for Kozue. Seeing Kozue so happy cheers Godai up a bit, and she did give him a hat that he really liked, so he tries not to think about the fact that he now has nothing to give to Kyoko. After laying on the floor for a bit, Godai remembers that he never gave Kyoko the present he bought her last year and goes on an all night search of his room trying to find it. The next day, Godai gives Kyoko her brooch, and she gives him a scarf. Godai is completely surprised and overjoyed at this, until he finds out Kyoko gave everyone a scarf (including Mitaka) to thank them for helping her when she was sick.

  • EP17 The Story of Kyoko's First Love On Rainy Days Like These

    Godai gets depressed over the rain, remembering that some of the worst events of his life have occured on rainy days. Kozue visits Maison Ikkoku and her skirt gets stained so she and Kyoko have snacks together while they wait for the skirt to dry. Kozue asks about Godai and learns that Kyoko is a widow. Kyoko remembers trying to flirt with Soichiro when she was in high school . After Kozue leaves, Godai runs into Kyoko, and she invites him to share an umbrella with her as they head home.

  • EP16 Sympathy Scramble. If I Should Stumble.

    Kyoko twists her ankle while playing tennis and both Mitaka and Godai blame themselves. The other tenants can't help but feel sorry for their injured Manager, and everyone seems to think the only thing that will make her feel better is food! But how many courses will it take before the Kyoko makes herself sick?

  • EP15 The Play's the Thing, Not the Playing Around! The Show Must Go On!

    A campus festival brings Kyoko to Godai's college, in tow are the rest of the tenants hoping to have a bit of fun at Godai's expense. When a sudden departure from Godai's Puppet Club brings Kyoko into a staring role, will Godai's feelings get the best of him and ruin the play?

  • EP14 Way to Go, Godai! The First Date with Kyoko

    Godai finally gets the courage to ask Kyoko on a date, but with this being the anniversary of her moving to Maison Ikkoku, Kyoko considers it as only a friendly gesture. But things quickly fall apart as Godai and Kyoko go to different restaurants to wait for each other. Godai ends up in the proper place waiting hours for Kyoko to finally realize her mistake. Once they meet up with each other, she's very apologetic, and Godai is only too happy to take advantage of her feeling sorry for him. And even though Kyoko is willing to let him go a bit further than usual, Godai's luck runs out when he tries to steal a kiss.

  • EP13 Godai the Gigolo...? Are You Going to Get That, or Shall I?

    As Godai attends his classes, he notices a mysterious dark-haired woman following him around campus. Letting his imagination run wild, he assumes she must be infatuated with him. Once she finally confronts him, Godai learns that her name is Sayoko Kuroki and that she wants him to join the Puppet Theater Club. When the (mostly female) club members start calling at all hours of the night asking for Godai, Kyoko gets the wrong idea about Godai's new female friends and has a payphone installed.

  • EP12 One Entangled Evening! I Thought You Said You Loved Me!?

    Godai decides its finally time to ask Kyoko out for a movie date, but when he arrives at Maison Ikkoku, he finds Kyoko heading out for a night at the opera with Mitaka. Feeling extremely put out, Godai runs into a former co-worker named Kozue Nanao, who he ends up taking out in Kyoko's place. Things really heat up when Mitaka's car breaks down and Godai and Kozue run into Mitaka and Kyoko. The rest of Kyoko's evening is spent angrily thinking about Godai's supposed two-timing, while Mitaka tries to let Kyoko know how he feels about her.

  • EP11 Kentaro's First Love! What Age Got to Do,with It?

    Kentaro's time with Ikuko at the beach has developed into a crush on his part. Now everytime Ikuko comes over to study with Godai, he finds a reason to study alongside them. When Kyoko realizes this, she decides to cook them a dinner in hopes of helping Kentaro get to know Ikuko better, but once Godai is invited, the sparks between he and Kyoko seem to overtake those of the children.

  • EP10 Love Panic on the Beach!

    A depressed Kentaro confides to Godai that his family is too poor to ever take him on a vacation. This reminds Godai of his on youth, when he had to stay and work at his family's restaurant while all the other kids in his class went on their summer vacations. Godai happily agrees to take Kentaro to the beach so that he won't have to suffer the teasing of the kids in his class. Mrs. Ichinose is reluctant to leave Kentaro alone with Godai, so Kyoko offers to go along with them, which Godai decides to use as a chance to get close with the Manager. Soon his happiness fades when Ikuko decides to come as well, and Mitaka arrives at Maison Ikkoku to drive everyone there. Feeling extremely dejected at all the new company, Godai makes the discovery that the children have smuggled Soichiro, the Manager's dog, into the car with them. Pulling over to take a break, Godai learns that Mitaka is deathly afraid of dogs, and discovers his rival's one weakness.

  • EP9 The Mysterious Tennis Coach is the Rival of Love

    Mrs. Ichinose decides that Kyoko's been much to glum lately with worrying about Godai's confession and her always looming regret over Soichiro's death, so she signs them both up for tennis lessons. The neighbors confide that the tennis coach is someone they'd have no problem leaving their husbands for. The tennis coach, Shun Mitaka, upon meeting Kyoko instantly becomes enamoured with her, and little does Kyoko know, but Mitaka will become the man she'll come to depend on quite a bit over the next few years, and after Godai's recent antics, she has no problem accepting his friendly overtones.

  • EP8 Godai's Unspeakable Declaration! If You're Going to Do It,Do It!

    Celebrating their arrival into college life, Godai and Sakamoto go out drinking. Feeling depressed about his situation with Kyoko, Godai confides in Sakamoto, who recommends a bit of liquid courage to help Godai tell Kyoko how he feels. Once they arrive back at Maison Ikkoku, Godai not only tells Kyoko how he feels, but the entire neighborhood as well. After his announcement, he marches off to his room with Kyoko in his arms, seemingly ready for a night of passion!

  • EP7 Godai's Agony! The One Kyoko Loves

    Mr. Otonashi offers Godai a job tutoring Ikuko, who insists that if she is to have a tutor that it must be Godai. Seeing this as a way to endear himself to Kyoko and to earn a steady paycheck, Godai agrees. Kyoko begins to worry when the other tenants put the idea in her head that Godai might have a thing for Ikuko, and tries her best to resist the idea of Ikuko having a new tutor.

  • EP6 Shocking Springtime! Kyoko's Secret

    The secret sadness that Kyoko has kept hidden for so long is finally revealed as Godai realizes that Kyoko is a widow. Visiting Soichiro's grave, Godai asks for whom he is offering incense ad realizes that it is Kyoko's late husband. Afterwards, as the two of them walk home, Godai can't help but feel that he has no chance to win Kyoko's heart from a dead man.

  • EP5 Kyoko's Climbing the Walls! Godai's Headed For the Hills

    Godai's grandmother arrives to inform Godai that if he doesn't get into a college, his family will no longer let him stay in Tokyo. Godai does his best to hide from her, but with Kyoko's help they finally track him down, just in time to realize he's going to get to go to college.

  • EP4 Kyoko's Heart Goes Pitty-Pat! Godai is put to the Test

    Test time has finally arrived for Godai. As he does all the last minute cramming he can get away with Yotsuya, Ichinose, and Akemi take bets on which school's will reject him. Kyoko does her best to keep them out of Godai's way, but it doesn't do any good. As Godai heads off to take his tests, he misinterprets Kyoko's words of encouragement as a sign of affection, and can't stop thinking about it long enough to do well on a single test. With only one school left, Godai faces another year as a ronin, or overcoming all his distractions to become a full-fleged college student.

  • EP3 Hearts on Fire in the Dark! All Alone with Kyoko

    With his entrance exams bearing down on him, Godai just can't seem to focus. Kyoko decides its up to her to stop the other tenants from interrupting his studies, but what she doesn't know is that Godai's thoughts slip everytime she's in the room. And just as things are about to settle down...the power goes out. Kyoko's determined to fix the problem and Godai offers his help, but is he really trying to be a good tenant, or does he want Kyoko all alone in the attic?

  • EP2 Love is in the Air? Which one Does Kyoko Love Best?

    Godai decides that since its Kyoko's first Christmas at Maison Ikkoku, this would be a great opportunity to buy her a present and tell her how he feels. As will become the norm, he chickens out when the Ichinose's arrive. Meanwhile, he learns from Akemi that Kyoko is already seeing someone and these suspicions are confirmed when he finds a sleeping Kyoko mention someone named ""Soichiro"" on the roof.

  • EP1 Sorry To Keep You Waiting! I'm Kyoko Otonashi!

    Yusaku Godai is fed-up with life as a ronin and his horrible housemates, namely loud and brash Mrs. Ichinose, her bratty son Kentaro, sexy Akemi Roppongi, and the mysterious Yotsuya. As he finally packs his bags and heads for the door he meets Maison Ikkoku's new manager...Kyoko Otonashi. Its love at first sight for Godai, so he toughs it out in order to get to meet the gorgeous new manager a bit better.

  • EP6 Live Action Special (1)

    Based on a hit manga by Takahashi Rumiko, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Otonashi Kyoko, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Godai Yusaku, a poor student tenant. (Part 1 of 2)

  • EP5 Live Action Special (2)

    Based on a hit manga by Takahashi Rumiko, this is a romantic comedy about the relationship of Otonashi Kyoko, the beautiful widow and manager of a boarding house and Godai Yusaku, a poor student tenant. (Part 2 of 2)

  • EP4 Prelude, When the Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime Return

    A special which pastes together all of Kyoko's flashbacks of Soichiro, with some dialogue along the scenes. Like a cherry flower in the spring talks about Soichiro, Kyoko's first love and husband, using a series of flashback, already seen in the TV episodes, making up a sort of "journey in the memories".

  • EP3 Shipwrecked on Ikkoku Island (OVA)

    Released in 1990 this 30 minute special is the only 'true' OAV in the series. This is a completely original piece of animation. The story is based on the extra chapter of Maison Ikkoku where the tenants and Mitaka are all shipwrecked on a deserted island due to the usual insane partying by Ichinose, Akemi and Yotsuya. Once they are on the island Kyoko begins sweeping the sand to keep herself busy while Godai and Mitaka compete with one another to catch fish for Kyoko and make sure she doesn't starve. All the while Yotsuya wanders off by himself and finds a nearby resort, where he makes himself right at home, never telling his other castaways of course.

  • EP2 Highlights: Through the Passing Seasons

    This OVA is a recapitulation of the entire series, done with scenes taken from the series, mainly focused on Godai and Kyoko relatioship.

  • EP1 The Final Movie

    Chronologically takes place during the events of TV episode 96.



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