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Hey Arnold!

The daily life of Arnold--a fourth-grader with a wild imagination, street smarts and a head shaped like a football.

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  • 1996-10-07
  • 7.9
  • Gábor Csupó / Craig Bartlett /
  • Blake McIver Ewing / Olivia Hack / Anndi McAfee / Justin Shenkarow / Jamil Walker Smith /
  • Comedy / Animation / Family /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 5 | 42 Episodes
  • EP42 Phoebe's Little Problem

    Phoebe gets embarrassed after she "passes gas" in front of a microphone.

  • EP41 Grandpa's Packard

    Grandpa's Packard is stolen from an antique car show.

  • EP40 A Day in the Life of a Classroom

    After Mr. Simmons wins an award, a TV station does a documentary on how he teaches.

  • EP39 Big Bob's Crisis

    After Big Bob has a heart attack, he tries to become nicer.

  • EP38 Ghost Bride

    After Mr. Simmons wins an award, a TV station does a documentary on how he teaches.

  • EP37 Gerald vs. Jamie O

    Gerald gets jealous because he thinks Jamie O. is trying to steal the girl he likes, when, actually, the girl likes Jamie O.

  • EP36 Timberly Loves Arnold

    Arnold does something for Timberly, causing Timberly to have a crush on Arnold. She makes Lila start to like Arnold because he has been helping Timberly.

  • EP35 Eugene, Eugene!

    Eugene gets the lead role in the school musical "Eugene, Eugene". But the play director cuts the parts that Eugene is a hero, and makes the parts look like he is a loser.

  • EP34 The Journal (1)

    Arnold finds a journal describing the adventures of his parents in the Jungle. Also, it contains a map telling where they had to go after they left him.

  • EP33 The Journal (2)

    Arnold finds a journal describing the adventures of his parents in the Jungle. Also, it contains a map telling where they had to go after they left him.

  • EP32 The Racing Mule

    Mr. Hyunh, Oskar, and Ernie purchase a race horse, or so they think.

  • EP31 Curly's Girl

    Curly gets Rhonda to act like his girlfriend after something happens to Rhonda's mother's fur coat and he fixes it.

  • EP30 On The Lam

    Stinky, Harold, and Sid are on the run after they think they blew up a police station.

  • EP29 Family Man

    Mr. Hyunh has Arnold pretending to be his son for his new employer.

  • EP28 Married

    Rhonda uses a folding paper fortune teller to see who will marry who, and Arnold and Helga get paired up, causing them to both dream what life would be like married to each other.

  • EP27 Gerald's Game

    Gerald is involved with his new favorite game which Arnold dislikes.

  • EP26 Fishing Trip

    Arnold, Gerald, Harold, Sid and Eugene go on a fishing trip with their fathers and Phil.

  • EP25 April Fool's Day

    Arnold is sick and tired of everybody preforming their April Fool jokes on him (escpecially Helga), so he tries one of his own, but it backfires when it temporarily blinds Helga.

  • EP24 Harold vs. Patty

    P.S. 118 is having an Arm Wrestling contest, but Harold get humiliated when he loses to Patty before the contest, so he asks Patty for some pointers on winning.

  • EP23 Rich Guy

    After Arnold saves the life of a rich man, the man invites Arnold and Grandpa Phil to his house. He tells Arnold that he wishes Arnold was the son he never had, but he really does have a son, but they share nothing in common.

  • EP22 Arnold Visits Arnie

    Arnold visits his cousin Arnie, whose friends look remarkably familiar to Anrold's

  • EP21 Chocolate Boy

    Chocolate Boy wants to give up chocolate.

  • EP20 Beaned

    Helga gets amnesia, and Arnold starts acting nice to her.

  • EP19 Old Iron Man

    Grandpa Phil and his old friend have been feuding for quite some time, as their friendship fell apart years ago. However, they still attempt to compete with one another as they each believe they are the better individual; though when both men decide to enter the extremely dangerous Old Iron Man triathlon, Arnold attempts to put an end to their feud, as he does not believe they should risk their lives over something so trivial.

  • EP18 Stuck in a Tree

    Arnold gets stuck in a tree with Harold and Eugene.

  • EP17 Rhonda Goes Broke

    Rhonda's family goes broke and they move into the boarding house.

  • EP16 Summer Love (a.k.a. Beach Story)

    When Arnold, the boarders and the Patakis go to the beach, a girl uses Arnold to win a sandcastle competition. Ernie gets buried in the sand. Miriam and Suzie start taking dancing lessons. Grandpa thinks he's stuck on an island. Oscar starts using a metal detector to find ""treasure."" Big Bob gets a bad sunburn. Helga tries to warn Arnold that he's just being used.

  • EP15 Parents Day

    Arnold asks Grandpa what really happened with his parents, and he finds out that they disappeared after they left the country on a plane, although they might still be alive.

  • EP14 Ernie in Love

    Ernie starts dating a tall model, but she doesn't want to continue dating him because of his height.

  • EP13 Sid and Germs

    Sid becomes obsessed with cleanliness.

  • EP12 New Bully on the Block

    The kids must face two bullies when a new kid, Ludwig, returns and wants the vacant lot for himself.

  • EP11 Phoebe Breaks a Leg

    When Phoebe breaks a leg after being hit by a truck, Helga believes it's her fault (and it is), so she starts being nice to Phoebe. Yet when Phoebe's leg heals, she decides to stay disabled for a little longer.

  • EP10 Bag of Money

    Arnold, Sid and Gerald find a bag filled with money, but when Arnold loses it, everyone thinks he stole it. (Didn't I see this before? Probably in a similar story on a Doug episode entitled ""Doug's in the Money"")

  • EP9 Principal Simmons

    When Mr. Simmons is upset that Principal Wartz is being too strict with the students, Wartz decides to resign and he selects Mr. Simmons to take his place. The newly promoted Principal Simmons decides to make massive reforms to permit the school environment to be more liberal, though will the students at P.S. 118 appreciate his authority?

  • EP8 Sid the Vampire Slayer

    Sid thinks Stinky is a vampire.

  • EP7 Big Sis

    Olga gets into a "Big Sis" program, but her "Lil' Sis" is Lila.

  • EP6 Helga's Masquerade

    Helga decides to act like Lila so Arnold will like her..

  • EP5 Mr. Green Runs

    Mr. Green runs for city council.

  • EP4 Monkeyman!

    When Arnold gives the superhero Monkeyman a taste of normal life, he's far too busy to bother helping the weak and downtrodden.

  • EP3 Buses, Bikes, and Subways

    Helga and Harold must return to town on their own after the bus leaves them behind after a school trip to a chocolate factory, and Helga has tickets for a wrestling match and she can't be late.

  • EP2 Suspended

    Harold is suspended and will do anything to get back into school.

  • EP1 Helga's Locket

    Helga inscribes her name in her Arnold locket.

  • EP31 Dino Checks Out

    Dino Spumoni is found missing and then declared dead after what appears to be a suicide attempt. but Arnold finds out that this isn't the case, and he secretly lives in the boarding house, believing that his work will skyrocket in value after his "death".

  • EP30 Helga on the Couch

    Helga confides in the school psychiatrist about her social life, family life, and her love for Arnold.

  • EP29 Veterans Day

    Arnold's Grandpa recalls his adventures as a soldier in the Second World War, outwitting a regiment of Nazis, while Gerald's dad, Martin, remembers his own time serving in Vietnam.

  • EP28 Headless Cabbie

    Arnold tells an urban legend about a decapitated taxi driver. The gang goes out, only to find the details in the story are becoming real.

  • EP27 Friday the 13th

    Arnold and Gerald try to prove superstitions are fictitious, only for it all to backfire on them.

  • EP26 Helga Sleepwalks

    After eating pork rinds, Helga sleepwalks, uttering her secret about Arnold as she does so.

  • EP25 Fighting Families

    Arnold, Grandpa, Grandma, Ernie, and Mr. Hyunh compete on a game show against a "perfect" family from PS 119

  • EP24 Grandpa's Sister

    Phil's twin sister comes for a visit, bringing along an unsettled conflict between them.

  • EP23 Synchronized Swimming

    Arnold and the gang are part of a synchronized swimming team led by Coach Wittenburg.

  • EP22 Weird Cousin

    Arnold's bland country cousin, Arnie, comes to visit. Arnold begins to notice that Arnie and Lila show interest in each other, making him jealous.

  • EP21 Baby Oskar

    Oskar has to take care of his infant cousin-in-law (also named Oskar), while both Susie and her cousin are gone.

  • EP20 Grudge Match

    After getting in a car accident, Bob and Grandpa face off on the golf green, with the loser having to pay for the damage to both cars.

  • EP19 Polishing Rhonda

    Rhonda attends a finishing school, but is far from impressive with her stroppy attitude, and seeks help from fellow student Big Patty.

  • EP18 It Girl

    Helga becomes a model, but she quits after she gets irritated at everyone dressing like her.

  • EP17 Deconstructing Arnold

    Arnold's classmates are tired of constantly telling them the right thing to do, so he stops giving them advice. Nevertheless, when his classmates get into sticky situations, they are in desperate need of his advice.

  • EP16 Back to School

    After Grandpa tells Arnold that he never got his grade school diploma, Arnold convinces him to come to go back to school at P.S. 118.

  • EP15 Egg Story

    Arnold and Helga must care for an egg for a school project about parenting. Meanwhile, Rhonda and Harold are project partners and must also take care of an egg.

  • EP14 Love and Cheese

    Helga tries to separate Arnold from Lila while at the annual Cheese Fair.

  • EP13 Weighing Harold

    Harold, after discovering his friends think he is obese, decides to go on a weight-loss cruise. When he comes back, though, he is noticeably larger.

  • EP12 Helga's Parrot

    A sleep-talking Helga confides into Bob's parrot about her love for Arnold. The next day, the parrot flies into Arnold's window, and it is up to Helga to get it.

  • EP11 Chocolate Turtles

    Crisis strikes when Gerald's little sister, Timberly, eats a stock of chocolate turtles that he and Arnold are supposed to sell for a local scout organization.

  • EP10 Dinner for Four

    Helga wants to show Arnold that she can be as sophisticated as Lila is by taking him, Gerald, and Phoebe out to dinner with a coupon she won. She devises a plan to get out of paying when she discovers they're at the wrong restaurant.

  • EP9 Phoebe Skips

    Phoebe is promoted to the sixth grade, but realizes that her new so-called "friends" are just using her to do their homework.

  • EP8 The Beeper Queen

    After Bob pops his spine, Miriam runs Big Bob's Beepers. She gets in over her head and forgets about her family.

  • EP7 Oskar Can't Read?

    Arnold finds out that Oskar is illiterate and tries to teach him to read.

  • EP6 Eugene's Birthday

    After losing Eugene's birthday party invitations, Arnold feels obliged to throw him another party, but it doesn't work out.

  • EP5 Stinky's Pumpkin

    Stinky grows a huge pumpkin to enter in a city competition.

  • EP4 Big Gino

    After Sid works off a debt with loan shark Big Gino, the two become friends, but when Sid is told to give Arnold a swirlie, he has to choose between the two.

  • EP3 Jamie O in Love

    Gerald's older brother Jamie O has a sudden burst of kindness when he finds a girlfriend, but Arnold and Gerald soon find out that the girl is just using Jamie O.

  • EP2 Full Moon

    Harold, Sid, and Stinky all moon Principal Wartz, but Arnold is blamed, even though he was just an innocent bystander.

  • EP1 Student Teacher

    Helga's sister Olga comes home for spring break and becomes a classroom aid in Helga's class, much to Helga's chagrin.

  • EP38 School Play

    The school is doing the play ""Romeo and Juliet"". Arnold lands the role as Romeo so Helga will do anything to beat out other girls to get the part of Juliet, so that she can kiss Arnold in the final scene.

  • EP37 Rich Kid

    Lorenzo, a neurotic rich kid, comes to P.S. 118. All the kids try to help him become an average kid.

  • EP36 Girl Trouble

    Arnold snaps at school after Helga tries his patience once too often.

  • EP35 School Dance

    Arnold is in charge of the school dance. He books has-been singer Dino Spumoni, and when he sings a depressing "good-bye" song, all fingers point at Arnold.

  • EP34 Crabby Author

    Arnold has to do a book report, and he decides to do it on his favorite author, Agitha Cawfield, but he sees her bad side when she is very crabby & rude to him.

  • EP33 Phoebe Takes the Fall

    P.S. 118 is holding a Spelling Bee, and Helga wants to win one trophy to get out of Olga's shadow, but Pheobe has to back out of the ocmpetition for Helga to make it.

  • EP32 The Pig War

    Arnold, Grandpa, and friends reenact the Pig War.

  • EP31 Part-Time Friends

    Helga and Arnold locked in a greenhouse together for 24 hours? Now THERE'S a science fair project! They should both get a great grade on it - if they don't kill each other first.

  • EP30 Biosquare

    As a science assignment, Arnold and Helga have to work together, and get along with each other, for 24 hours in the Sunset Arms greenhouse.

  • EP29 Helga's Show / The Flood

    Helga tells jokes about her classmates, who take offense to it.

  • EP28 The Flood

    The town is flooded and Arnold's class is trapped in the school.

  • EP27 Arnold's Thanksgiving

    Arnold and Helga both think they are having the worst Thanksgivings ever. Arnold's Family are celebrating President's Day, and Olga is at the Pataki house. When Arnold and Helga go to Mr. Simmons' house, they discover he has a obnoxious family, so they think their families aren't so bad after all.

  • EP26 Arnold & Lila

    Helga, lost in a love reverie, writes 'Arnold loves Helga' on a wall, but changes the name to 'Lila' when the kids approach. Lila thinks that Arnold loves her until he explains the mistake. Then he falls for Lila and she is forced to break up with him.

  • EP25 Grand Prix

    The kids compete in a grand prix race against each other.

  • EP24 Best Man

    The Coach wants to remarry Tish and asks Arnold to be his best man. Along the way, Arnold teaches the coach a thing or two about love and sacrifice.

  • EP23 Cool Party

    Rhonda holds a cool-people-only party at her house. In retaliation, Arnold and his friends hold a "geek" party on the roof of his boarding house further up the street, leaving Rhonda's party deserted.

  • EP22 Career Day

    A. All the kids are paired with adults with interesting jobs except Arnold, who is forced to spend time with the Jolly Olly, the Ice Cream Man.

  • EP21 Hey Harold!

    Harold is invited to Rhonda's party and befriends the female bully, Big Patty.

  • EP20 Arnold Betrays Iggy

    Arnold finds out Iggy wears bunny pajamas with feet in them, and Arnold accidentially spills the beans to Sid and Stinky, ruining Iggy's cool image.

  • EP19 Helga and the Nanny

    Bob hires a nanny to help Miriam around the house, much to Helga's dismay. From this moment on, Helga attempts to scare the nanny away.

  • EP18 The Aptitude Test

    After the results of an aptitude test are announced, Harold gains self-confidence and Helga feels dumber.

  • EP17 Oskar Gets a Job

    Oskar gets a job as a newspaper carrier but uses Arnold as cover for his laziness.

  • EP16 Sid's Revenge

    Principal Wartz gives Sid a detention believeing he placed fake vomit so he could trip over, even though it wasn't Sid who put it there. As a result, Sid seeks revenge and reates ""Revenge Doll"" of Wartz's face, like they do in tribes. He thinks he killed Wartz with the curse. Arnold thinks he's paranoid, even though there are a few clues hinting out that Wartz is dead.

  • EP15 Roller Coaster

    A roller coaster breaks down while Eugene and Arnold are at the top of its tallest drop.

  • EP14 Grandpa's Birthday

    Grandpa thinks he's going to die soon because no one in his family ever made it past his age. He prepares to die, and Arnold tries to convince him that life is still worth living.

  • EP13 Road Trip

    When Bob has to go to a business meeting, Miriam and Helga are forced to go on the family road trip by themselves.

  • EP12 Curly Snaps

    Curly gets enraged after a minor playground mix up. He locks himself in the principal's office and refuses to come out.

  • EP11 Preteen Scream

    Phoebe wins a chance to meet her favorite singer, only to find out that he doesn't write or sing his own songs.

  • EP10 Stinky Goes Hollywood

    Stinky's simple life changes after he becomes the surprise new spokesman for Ya-Hoo Soda.

  • EP9 Olga Gets Engaged

    Olga gets engaged to a con man who does not exactly woo Helga as he did the rest of her family, but she decides to let the marriage happen so Olga can be miserable. But she is given a change of heart from Arnold, and attempts to stop it.

  • EP8 Arnold's Room

    Sid pretends that Arnold's room is his, since he's ashamed of showing his real room to Lorenzo.

  • EP7 Helga vs. Big Patty

    Patty challenges Helga to a fight after Helga gets on her last nerves by picking on her once too many.

  • EP6 Casa Paradiso

    Grandpa becomes tired of dealing with the boarding house and decides to sell. Arnold has to convince him how important it is for everyone to remain in the boarding house and what they would lose if it was sold.

  • EP5 Gerald's Tonsils

    Gerald's voice is deepened after having his tonsils out, just a few days before the school recital.

  • EP4 Dangerous Lumber

    Arnold becomes a hot (and dangerous) hitter. He keeps injuring people everytime he swings the bat. Afraid of hurting more people, Arnold refuses to play ball. Mickey Kaline helps him out.

  • EP3 Mr. Hyunh Goes Country

    Mr. Hyunh has a talent for country singing, so Arnold and Gerald, after recording a CD with him at the local studio, become his managers and make him a big star, much to his dislike.

  • EP2 Helga Blabs It All

    While feeling the effects of laughing gas, Helga leaves a confessional message of love on Arnold's phone machine. She then has to get into the boarding house in order to erase the message.

  • EP1 Harold the Butcher

    As punishment for shoplifting a ham, Harold is forced to work for Mr. Green at his butcher shop for a week. Later, after his work shift to pay for it is over, he soon learns that he actually likes his new after-school job and doesn't want to stop working there, much to the dismay of Mr. Green.

  • EP37 Runaway Float

    After creating an idea for a parade float, Arnold is confident of it showing up in a parade.

  • EP36 Partners

    A lounge singer moves into the Sunset Arms after renouncing his songwriter, who also moves there.

  • EP35 Tour de Pond

    Arnold and a descendant of his grandpa's arch enemy, Rex Smythe-Higgins, compete in a boat race.

  • EP34 Teachers Strike

    Teachers of Arnold's school go on strike because of inadequate funding; He and his friends are on cloud nine, only to find out that every lost school day will be taken from their summer vacation.

  • EP33 Eugene Goes Bad

    After finding out that his idol is a haughty, primped actor, Eugene sets out to become bad.

  • EP32 What's Opera, Arnold?

    Helga and Arnold fall asleep and have their own "parody/dream" of the opera Carmen.

  • EP31 Coach Wittenberg

    Arnold and his friends get Coach Wittenberg to be their new bowling coach.

  • EP30 Four-eyed Jack

    The ghost of a former boarding house resident is believed to have been causing strange occurrences in there when Arnold and Gerald find an old pair of glasses believing to have belonged to him.

  • EP29 Hall Monitor

    Phoebe becomes hall monitor and asks Helga for tips. She becomes overwhelmed by the "power" and soon everyone wants the old Phoebe back, even Helga once she realizes Phoebe's also giving her detentions.

  • EP28 Harold's Bar Mitzvah

    Harold runs away from his Bar Mitzvah, thinking he will retain his childhood this way.

  • EP27 Helga's Boyfriend

    Helga uses Stinky as her boyfriend to try to make Arnold jealous.

  • EP26 Crush on Teacher

    Arnold develops a crush on Miss Felter, a substitute teacher, thinking he is having dinner at her house, only to realize that the one she invited was her fiance, whose name is also Arnold.

  • EP25 Eating Contest

    Arnold follows in his Grandpa's footsteps and competes in the annual block party eating contest. After much munching Old Football Head goes stomach to stomach with eating legend Seymour 'The Disposal'.

  • EP24 Rhonda's Glasses

    Rhonda gets glasses and finds out what it is like to be a "Geek".

  • EP23 Steely Phil

    Arnold's Grandpa enters a Chinese Checkers tournament to reclaim his pride lost forty years ago. Robby Fisher's name is a parody of Bobby Fischer.

  • EP22 Quantity Time

    Helga's mother tries to let her and her father, Bob, bond.

  • EP21 The High Life

    Gerald becomes an entrepreneur out of selling watches until the market becomes saturated.

  • EP20 Best Friends

    Rhonda and Nadine fall out over working on a project at school, leaving Arnold to work with both of them separately.

  • EP19 Mud Bowl

    Wolfgang and his gang of fifth graders challenge Arnold and his friends to a football game, but he has to first persuade them that his plays are good enough for them to win.

  • EP18 Gerald Moves Out

    Gerald, getting tired of his family bugging him, moves out of his home and into Arnold's boarding house, only to realize emancipation is not all it is cracked up to be.

  • EP17 Freeze Frame

    Arnold and Gerald go around the city following "Porkpie", a mysterious man caught on film. They suspect, because of the clues, that Porkpie are planning to kill "Marty", who turns out to be Mr. Green.

  • EP16 Phoebe Cheats

    In this variation of "The Tell-Tale Heart", Phoebe plagiarizes from a poetry book and uses one of the poems as her entry in a poetry contest. She wins, with her prize being a trophy resembling poet Emily Dickinson. Then, the trophy haunts Phoebe into confessing.

  • EP15 Arnold Saves Sid

    After Arnold saves Sid from an injury, Sid devotes himself to paying Arnold back with unending kindness.

  • EP14 Hooky

    Arnold and Gerald bunk off school, but their day is ruined by their fear of being found out.

  • EP13 Arnold's Halloween

    Arnold and Gerald send the neighborhood alien crazy as they broadcast a mock Halloween radio show.

  • EP12 Ransom

    Gerald and Arnold get on the case when Timberly loses her Barney-esque doll.

  • EP11 Ms. Perfect

    The new girl is teased at school by Helga and the other girls, but she's soon accepted by everyone.

  • EP10 Monkey Business

    An organ grinder's monkey kisses Helga, who's convinced she has caught 'monkeynucleosis'.

  • EP9 Big Caesar

    Arnold and Gerald do a spot of fishing, determined to catch the pond's biggest fish, the legendary "Big Caesar".

  • EP8 Eugene's Pet

    After Arnold accidentally kills Eugene's fish with a yo-yo, he must do something to make up for it.

  • EP7 The Big Scoop

    Arnold and Gerald compete against Helga for the school newspaper.

  • EP6 Harold's Kitty

    When Harold is walking in the street, he finds a kitty that belongs to an old lady and he takes it, but then everybody appears, and Harold has to surrender the kitty to the old lady.

  • EP5 Helga's Love Potion

    Helga drinks a potion to lose all feelings for Arnold.

  • EP4 Gerald's Secret

    Gerald's secret is revealed; he doesn't know how to ride a bike, so Arnold teaches him how.

  • EP3 Save The Tree

    Arnold and the gang must stop Big Bob from chopping down the oldest tree in town.

  • EP2 New Teacher

    When the kids make their new teacher, Mr. Simmons, quit his job, the replacement makes them realize what they lost.

  • EP1 Longest Monday

    Schoolyard tradition has it that on the first Monday of June each year, the fifth graders throw the fourth graders into trash cans. So, Arnold and Gerald try to make a run for it. As more people are thrown into trash cans and the fifth graders know all the routes, Arnold and Gerald find out eluding the fifth graders is harder that they thought.

  • EP38 Arnold's Valentine

    On Valentine's Day, Arnold manages to arrange two dates; one with Ruth, the sixth grader he likes, and one with his French penpal Cecile (actually, it's Helga in disguise) – only for the real Cecile to suddenly appear and Arnold to discover what Ruth is really like.

  • EP37 Magic Show

    Arnold has a magic show and he makes a disappearing act and uses Helga as the person disappearing. Helga decides to play a trick and literally disappears. She bumps into a pole and has a dream on how the world would have been if she's gone.

  • EP36 24 Hours to Live

    Arnold hits Harold with a baseball, so Harold promises Arnold that he'll beat him the next day.

  • EP35 False Alarm

    Eugene is accused of pulling the fire alarm. In the school court, the jury thinks Eugene is guilty except for Arnold, who believes there is a shadow of a doubt.

  • EP34 World Records

    The kids try to get in the book of world records so much that they would do anything, including most people on a one-person bike and the longest game of Crack-The-Whip.

  • EP33 Abner Come Home

    Arnold must find a way to recover his pig pet Abner after he runs away.

  • EP32 The Sewer King

    Arnold loses Grandpa's watch inside the sewers, so he must retrieve from The Sewer King.

  • EP31 Olga Comes Home

    Helga decides to give her talented sister Olga a taste of reality by changing her grade in her report card.

  • EP30 Sally's Comet

    Arnold and Gerald must turn off all the lights in the city if they want to see Sally's Comet.

  • EP29 Spelling Bee

    Arnold and Helga compete on a Spelling Bee contest.

  • EP28 Pigeon Man

    When Arnold's pigeon gets sick, he takes it to "Pigeon Man", a person surrounded by pigeons who lives in a rooftop.

  • EP27 Arnold the Tutor

  • EP26 Gerald Comes Over

  • EP25 Das Subway

    Arnold and the gang play on a basketball team, but their coach tells them to throw the ball to one person, his son, Tucker.

  • EP24 Wheezin' Ed

  • EP23 Benchwarmer

    While Helga tries to find the perfect gift for Arnold, Arnold tries to find Mr Hyunh's long-lost daughter.

  • EP22 Cool Jerk

    An older cool guy befriends Arnold, but Arnold realizes that he is really a shoplifter.

  • EP21 Arnold's Christmas

  • EP20 Door #16

    All of the borders get very curious to what is inside the very personal Mr. Smith's package.

  • EP19 Arnold as Cupid

    Oskar gets kicked out of Suzie's room when they get into an argument, so Arnold tries to get them back together when Oskar moves into Arnold's room.

  • EP18 Mugged

    When Arnold gets mugged in the street, Grandma teaches him how to defend himself, but the training and fighting starts to get to his head.

  • EP17 Roughin' It

    Grandpa, Arnold, and Gerald are all going on an old fashioned camping trip... until Big Bob, Helga, and Phoebe show up with luxurious camping equipment.

  • EP16 The List

    Arnold attempts to do something that no other kid has done before - completing the entire list of a kid's perfect Saturday! But, unfortunately, things don't go quite to plan.

  • EP15 Haunted Train

    When the kids complain of being bored, Grandpa tells the story of the Haunted Train. So, the kids decide to go and see if the train exists for themselves.

  • EP14 Operation Ruthless

    At the Annual Cheese Fair, Helga tries her best to keep Arnold well away from Ruth - a girl who Arnold has a crush on.

  • EP13 The Vacant Lot

    Arnold and friends decide to clear out a vacant lot to play baseball on, but the adults take over it, and use it for their own reasons.

  • EP12 Heat

    Arnold has a really bad day - the city is suffering from a heatwave, and whatever he does, Arnold just can't seem to get cool.

  • EP11 Snow

    Snow hits the city and Arnold can't wait to get out and have some fun... but wait, there's chores to be done... and when there done Arnold has the time of his life playing Hockey with the "crew."

  • EP10 6th Grade Girls

    Two girls from the sixth grade who are tired of the way that their boyfriends treat them, decide to take Arnold and Gerald to the school dance, but only to make their boyfriends jealous.

  • EP9 The Baseball

    Arnold's favorite baseball player is playing his last game, so he decides to go and see his last game. The only problem is that he winds up with terrible seats.

  • EP8 Helga's Makeover

    Helga is annoyed when Rhonda doesn't invite her to her slumber party - everybody assumes that "girly" parties aren't Helga's style. So, Helga is determined to prove her wrong, and gets a makeover.

  • EP7 The Old Building

    Arnold is asked by his Grandma to help save an old building, and then asked by Ernie to help knock the building down! Who will Arnold decide to go along with? How can he get out of this tricky situation?

  • EP6 Arnold's Hat

    An obsessed Helga steals Arnold's hat to complete her shrine to Arnold, which is hidden in the back of her closet. But, she notices how miserable Arnold is without his hat, and decides to give it back to him.

  • EP5 Stoop Kid

    Arnold's hat lands on the stoop of "Stoop Kid," - a bully who has lived his whole life on his stoop, and is highly protective of it. But, when it's Arnold's fault that Stoop Kid becomes the joke of the city, he must help Stoop Kid face his biggest fear - leaving his stoop for the first time.

  • EP4 The Little Pink Book

    When Helga loses her pink book, full of love poems about Arnold on the bus, it ends up in Arnold's hands. Now Helga must get it back before Arnold figures out who wrote the poems.

  • EP3 Field Trip

    The kids are really looking forward to their field trip to the aquarium - especially when they remember the scary Lock Jaw from their last trip. But, when they get there, they see that Lock Jaw isn't really that scary. Arnold notices how neglected the old turtle looks, and returns later with Grandma to set it free.

  • EP2 Downtown as Fruits

    Not looking forward to performing in Helga's "The Four Food Groups" musical, Arnold and Gerald decide to take the bus a few stops too many, but end up stuck downtown.

  • EP1 Eugene's Bike

    When Arnold accidentally ruins Eugene's new bike, he takes Eugene out on a day of fun, thinking that "every geek deserves his day".

  • EP1 The Lost Pilot

    When Arnold has a Daydream While Playing Baseball Harold Tells him 24 Hours 2 Live (this Episode was Remade Of the Episode Called "24 Hours 2 Live")



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