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Talking Tom and Friends

Armed with technological gear, great ideas and an unfailing sense of humour, Talking Tom and his friends are on a mission to reach stardom at all costs.

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  • 2014-12-23
  • 7.4
  • Tom Kenny / Maria Bamford / Colin Hanks / Lisa Schwartz / James Adomian /
  • Comedy / Animation / Kids /

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 5 | 1 Episodes
  • EP1 Episode 1

    A new neighbor has moved in next door to the garage. But Talking Tom thinks he’s too perfect. Can he expose the new guy’s dark secret? Or is jealousy making him totally paranoid?

  • EP26 Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys

    Talking Angela gets pulled into another dimension, where she finds herself oddly attracted to a "bad boy" version of Tom.

  • EP25 Escape: Impossible!

    When Talking Tom and Friends fall into a trap, TV detectives Bongo and McGillicuddy must figure out who's behind this dastardly deed.

  • EP24 Basketball Hero

    Talking Hank goes back to school to become a basketball star, but his stardom is threatened when he can't pass his classes.

  • EP23 Chocolate Battle

    Talking Ginger and his friends enter a high-stakes competition with a big candy prize, but not everyone's playing fair.

  • EP22 The New CEO

    When the CEO leaves his goldfish in charge of his company, Talking Hank steps in to translate his old pal's fishy wishes.

  • EP21 Boyfriend Stealer

    Just before a big dance party in Talking Tom's garage, Talking Angela becomes suspicious that Talking Becca might be trying to steal her boyfriend.

  • EP20 The Weather Machine

    Talking Ben gets back to inventing and creates a machine that can control the weather, which promptly goes haywire with unforeseen consequences.

  • EP19 Space Rescue

    When Talking Tom gets lost in space, Talking Ben needs to find a way to get rid of his anti-tech bracelet so he can save his friend.

  • EP18 The Bad Germ

    A visit from Jeremy the Germ's nasty brother makes the reformed germ fall back into his old bad-guy habits.

  • EP17 Hank's TV Party

    It's Talking Hanks birthday again. But instead of his usual bossing people around, he is sick. And who is the guy who is the best at not making people sick? Jeremy, of course.

  • EP16 The Cursed Game

    A garage game night gets epic when the friends are pulled inside a cursed board game that won't let them out easily.

  • EP15 Happy Anniversary

    Talking Tom forgets his anniversary with Talking Angela and struggles to find the perfect last-minute gift.

  • EP14 The Mystery of the Pyramid

    Talking Angela's in danger when an ancient mummy starts taking out her fellow musicians before a big concert.

  • EP13 The Secret Life of Ms Vanthrax

    Talking Ginger tags along with his teacher on a real-life monster hunt.

  • EP12 Movie Star Angelo

    Talking Angela wants a part in a big new movie - Even if she has to pretend to be a guy to get it.

  • EP11 Save the Tree

    When Talking Angela tries to stop the Landlord from chopping down a beloved tree, she wakes up a swarm of angry butt-pinching bugs.

  • EP10 Mystery Crate Empire

    Talking Tom and Talking Ben's great new business idea to sell boxes of stuff backfires when they run out of stuff to sell.

  • EP9 Who is Becca?

    There's a new girl in town, Talking Becca - and she's dissing Talking Angela's music. What can this lead to?

  • EP8 Supermodel Tom

    When Talking Tom becomes a supermodel, he loves being in the spotlight and getting lots of attention - until the reality of being a male model hits home - Hard.

  • EP7 The Great Taxi Race

    When Tom and Ben Enterprises turn into a taxi service. A self-driving car shows up and is much better than Ben's car, so the gang have a race to see who's the best taxi.

  • EP6 Tom the Bodyguard

    When a mad fan threatens Talking Angela's comeback concert, Talking Tom decides the best choice to be her bodyguard is - Tom.

  • EP5 Worst Mayor Ever

    On Talking Tom's last day as Mayor, the Key to the City goes missing - Seems like a job for the incredible Detective Hank.

  • EP4 Ben's Digital Detox

    Criminals want to steal a precious item from the garage. This is a chance for Talking Ben to jump into action - he's been desperate for something to do since his tech ban.

  • EP3 The Good Germ

    Jeremy the Germ is a painfully gross roommate so Talking Tom and Friends try to help him control his worst impulses. Success? Not likely.

  • EP2 The Digital Queen

    Talking Angela's been found. But something's not quite right - Is she still the same person? And does she actually want to go home?

  • EP1 Where's Angela?

    Talking Tom's desperate hunt for his missing girlfriend takes the friends to a stranger place than they ever expected.

  • EP26 Glitch Apocalypse

    Because of a glitch in Talking Ben's computer, monsters from the video game world are pouring into town and turning everyone into piles of pixels. Talking Tom and Talking Ben race to save the world as their friends fall one by one to the invading horde. In order to fix this, they'll have to turn to some of their greatest enemies. But will even that be enough?

  • EP25 Retro Sonic Angela

    Talking Angela gets rejected from a music festival, and becomes depressed about the future of her music career. Then a glitch in Talking Ben's computer distorts her music - and gives her an idea for a whole new sound. Angela excitedly puts together a concert featuring an entirely new type of music. But will the town be ready to accept this new Angela? And what is behind the glitch in Ben's machine?

  • EP24 Cheat Code

    Talking Tom and Talking Ben are learning to play the popular video game "SquareStack," but Talking Ginger is so much better than them they'll never catch up. They decide to cheat, and enjoy impressing everyone with their SquareStack skills. But then the cheat they've used gets out of control and starts destroying the game. Now they're playing for some high stakes - the fate of the SquareStack universe.

  • EP23 The Yes Girl

    Talking Angela feels like she's in a little bit of a slump, so Rhonda recommends a new self-help book to her about saying yes to every opportunity. Angela embraces the idea, but takes it too far when she says yes to everything people ask her to do. Now she's on a race against the clock to fulfill all of her promises before a big audition.

  • EP22 Unfriend 'Em All!

    Talking Tom is sick of being annoyed by a guy in town, so he has Talking Ben test a new device on his. Now, whenever someone bothers Tom, he can "block" them so he can't see or hear them. Tom loves living without having to deal with any of the people who annoy him - until he accidentally blocks all his friends. Now Tom might have cut himself off from the whole world.

  • EP21 Tom the Brave

    Talking Tom gets hypnotized by Talking Hank to help him deal with his fear of the dentist. But he becomes super brave! He’s not afraid of anything, not even deadly dangerous stunts… Will he survive being fearless?

  • EP20 The Dance Contest

    The Landlord leaves town for a while and puts the stern teacher Ms. Vanthrax in charge of the garage while he's away. Talking Tom and the others can't deal with Vanthrax's totally unfair rules. So they decide to trick her and sneak away to a big dance competition. But getting away from their new landlord won't be as easy as they thought.

  • EP19 Hank vs. Vampires

    A mysterious salesman sells a TV package to Talking Hank that includes a round-the-clock airing of a show about vampires. By the time Hank has watched every episode, he's convinced that Talking Tom and the gang are all secretly vampires waiting to attack him. When the gang realizes what's going on, they need to find a way to get Hank to snap out of it.

  • EP18 Corn Heads

    When Talking Hank runs out of popcorn on movie night, he decides to grow his own corn so that they'll never run out again. With the help of Talking Ben's Super-Grow formula, the corn grows at an alarmingly fast rate. Everyone but Talking Angela eats the corn, and she notices that it's making them act in very bizarre ways. Will she be able to figure out what's wrong with them before they figure out she's not under "corn control" like they are?

  • EP17 The Big Nano Lie

    Talking Angela and Talking Ginger accidentally break Talking Ben's newest invention, the Nano-Laser, while goofing around with a soccer ball in the garage. Ginger begs Angela not to say anything, so she tries to cover up their crime. But as guilt drives her crazy, she has to decide if she's going to tell her friend the truth - even if he never forgives her.

  • EP16 The Other Tom

    Talking Tom's friends are bothering him, but he's got a perfect plan to get away from them - switching places for the day with "Tim," a guy who looks and sounds exactly like him. But it turns out Tim has other, sinister plans. Will Talking Tom be able to get back to his friends and stop the doppelganger before his company and his friendships are ruined?

  • EP15 Kids Again

    Talking Ginger is feeling left out because the friends in the garage don't want to do any kid stuff - until an experimental anti-aging cream turns them all into kids. Ginger has a blast playing with the young versions of all his best friends. But soon he has to act like an adult when he realizes he's the only one who might be able to change them all back.

  • EP14 The Sixth Friend

    Talking Tom finds out that his town has been bumped down to the "Second Most Friendly" town, and he and the gang decide they need to be more welcoming. That resolve is quickly put to the test when the MC moves in to the garage. The gang has a though time being as welcoming as they want to be as they struggle to adjust to the MC's lifestyle. Will they all be able to find a way to get along?

  • EP13 The Substitute Teacher

    Talking Ben’s a substitute teacher and he’s got epic ideas for the kids’ science fair project! But with Talking Ginger in the class, things don’t quite go to plan.

  • EP12 Fancy Party

    It’s gala time! Mayor Tom’s putting on his bow tie and heading off to rub elbows with the fanciest folk in town. But will he actually have fun at a rich people party?

  • EP11 Hero Hank

    Officer Hank’s on the scene! Talking Hank’s working security at Nerd Night, but will his dream job be everything he hoped?

  • EP10 The Lost Scouts

    Talking Tom’s leading a troop of Scouts on a wilderness trip. They’ve got heart, gusto, and backpack snacks – what could possibly go wrong?

  • EP9 Troubled Couples

    With a trampoline at stake, Talking Tom and Talking Angela bounce into action. The only thing standing in their way? The Landlord. Will they be able to fix his problem and get permission?!

  • EP8 The Galactic Friends

    Talking Ben’s in an inventing slump and if he doesn’t get a win, he’s going to quit science forever! But his latest gadget has… out of this world results!

  • EP7 Treasure Hunt

    It’s finally summer! But Talking Tom and Talking Ben have to stay inside and do paperwork… That is, until they find an awesome treasure map! Can they crack the mystery?

  • EP6 The Queen of Drones

    The guys get weird about Talking Angela coming up with an invention. Will their competitiveness get in the way of their friendship?

  • EP5 Talent Show

    When Talking Ginger enters the school talent show to win a super cool toy, Talking Angela steps up to teach him how to sing. But does he have what it takes to win?

  • EP4 A Garage Affair

    Talking Ben’s new smart security system gets a crush on Talking Tom and does everything she can to break up him and Talking Angela. Will her scheme work?

  • EP3 Mission: Delete

    Talking Tom and Talking Angela rediscover their super embarrassing old posts on MyFace, but they can’t delete them! Or can they? The gang come up with an epic heist plan to help them. Will it work?

  • EP2 Superhero Picnic

    Superheroes to the rescue! Cyber Hank and his sidekick, Sticky Ginger, are out to thwart the plans of supervillain, Dr Slowpoke. But can they do it without the help of the Dynamic Diva and Tom Guy?

  • EP1 Pirates of Love

    Talking Angela’s got her big break! But when Talking Tom interferes in her music video with superstar, Ricky de Luna, he makes everything worse. Is this the end for everyone’s favorite couple?

  • EP26 The Deep Secret

    Talking Tom and his friends are spending the day playing a mystery game when Tom stumbles on a real-life mystery - Talking Angela's keeping a secret from him. Tom is unable to focus on anything else and turns the game into a mission to find out whatever Angela isn't telling him. What's Angela's secret? And what does it mean for her and Tom's relationship?

  • EP25 Angela the Psychic

    While Talking Ginger’s learning that you shouldn’t mess with wishes, Talking Angela taps into her powers as a psychic. What could possibly go wrong?!

  • EP24 Angie Fierce

    Talking Angela creates an alter ego for the stage. But not everyone’s a fan of the new Angela...

  • EP23 Saving Santa

    Ho Ho NO! Someone’s kidnapped Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Can Talking Tom and the gang save him and Christmas?!

  • EP22 Space Conflicts VIII

    Talking Tom’s favorite movie is about to debut its 8th installment and the guys are super excited. But - GASP - Talking Angela’s never watched it!

  • EP21 Bye, Bye, Bongo!

    Talking Hank’s just got some bad news – his favorite TV show is ending. He’ll do anything to stop it, even cross dimensions!

  • EP20 The Love Ride

    Talking Ben is thrilled because his online girlfriend Xenon is coming for a visit. There's just one problem - Xenon wants to go for a drive, and Ben doesn't know how.

  • EP19 Back to School

    Talking Ben’s latest invention is gone! But even when they realise where it is, getting it back won’t be easy.

  • EP18 Garage Feast Day

    It’s Garage Feast Day! But the celebrations get slightly off track when Talking Ben’s son, Boomerang, comes for a visit with his new girlfriend.

  • EP17 Babysitter Tom

    Talking Ginger is unhappy with his strict nanny, who dresses him like a baby and won't let him go to a demolition derby. Talking Tom agrees to take over the nanny-ing job, thinking all he has to do is be cool. But the pressure of keeping Ginger safe quickly becomes more than Tom bargained for.

  • EP16 Email Fail

    Email fail! Talking Tom accidentally just sent a top secret master plan to his enemy, the CEO. Can he stop it reaching him?

  • EP15 Double Date Disaster

    During a double date, Talking Tom and his friends get trapped in the diner because of a storm. Tom tries to keep things fun, but strange noises from outside convince everyone that there might be a monster coming for them. Are people just being paranoid? Or is this date about to end in disaster?

  • EP14 Taco Spaghetti Burger

    Talking Hank creates the hottest food trend in town. Demand for it is so high, Hank and the guys turn the garage into a restaurant. But can they run the restaurant successfully while keeping up with the ever-changing world of food trends?

  • EP13 The Nerd Club

    Desperate for intellectual conversation, Talking Ben joins a club for hyper-intelligent people. He is excited to finally be among people who think like he does - until the Smarties start making fun of his non-genius friends. Tensions run high as Ben is forced to decide between his old friends and his new club.

  • EP12 Happy Town

    Talking Tom’s the mayor! All he wants to do now is make people happy. But that proves way more complicated than he first thought..

  • EP11 Vote for Tom!

    The race is on! Election night is fast approaching, but there’s still everything to play for! Who’s going to be the next mayor? Talking Tom or the CEO?

  • EP10 The Sabotage

    Talking Angela is excited when Talking Tom sells one of her songs - until she realizes he accidentally sold it to the evil CEO, who is using it as his theme song as he tries to run for mayor of the town. Now the gang has to try to get Angela's song back from their nemesis before it's too late.

  • EP9 The Cool and the Nerd

    Talking Ben feels terrible about a fight with Talking Ginger and wants to make it up to him the best way he knows how - with a customized gift signed by the coolest guy on earth, Will Z. But when Will Z comes to visit, something about him seems wrong. Is it possible there's such thing as being too cool?

  • EP8 The Backup Genius

    Talking Ben finds a protegè to pass all of his knowledge on to. But when he brings his new student to the garage, not everyone is impressed. Has Ben made the right choice, or will his decision threaten to put an end to Tom and Ben Enterprises?

  • EP7 Couples Clash (Part 2)

    Who's the best couple? Talking Tom and Talking Angela face off against Talking Ben and his girlfriend Xenon in an epic game of Couple Clash. But winning the show might mean the end of everybody's friendship.

  • EP6 Couples Clash (Part 1)

    A new trending board lets Talking Tom and the gang know what their fans really think of them. But the system starts turning friend against friend and couple against couple until they're all in competition with each other to be the most popular. Will they realize what the competition is doing to their friendships before it's too late?

  • EP5 Just Friends

    With the carnival in town, Talking Tom and Talking Angela decide to put their plan to the test. Can they really just be friends?!

  • EP4 Extreme First Date

    Awkward! Talking Tom and Talking Angela are super weird around each other now. What’s going on?

  • EP3 Forgotten Kiss

    Talking Tom and Friends are back! But there’s something strange going on. Are they missing memories?

  • EP2 Fishy Business

    Talking Hank and Talking Angela are out on the town enjoying slushies when a goldfish falls out of the sky and lands on Hank. They can't figure out where it came from, so Hank decides to keep the fish.

  • EP1 Landlord in Love

    The Landlord wants to sell the app studio and move to a tropical island! Can the gang change his mind?

  • EP52 A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 3

    No more secrets. With things spiralling out of control at the tech conference, Talking Angela realises it might be time to come clean and reveal her secret. But now there's more at stake than just her heart. Does this mean the end for Tom and Ben Enterprises?

  • EP51 A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 2

    The secret's out. Knowing that Talking Ben can't keep her secret to himself, Talking Angela comes up with a plan to erase it from his brain permanently. Luckily, Talking Tom's too busy getting his big break from the CEO to notice what they're up to.

  • EP50 A Secret Worth Keeping: Part 1

    It's Talking Angela's birthday. The guys planned a big surprise party for her, but when Talking Tom gets the directions wrong, they end up in the hot desert instead of picking up dessert. Will they make it back to town in time to hear Angela's incredible secret?

  • EP49 Embarrassing Memories

    Time travel? That's right! Talking Tom and Talking Ben invent a device that lets them travel through time. But in order to protect the future, they've got to go back to their pasts, reliving some of their most embarrassing memories along the way. Will they do what they set out to or will the group of future Bens stop them?

  • EP48 Museum Madness

    It's time for fun! Talking Tom and the gang want Talking Ben to take the day off. But it turns out that their idea of fun isn't the same as his... Meanwhile, back in the app studio, Talking Ginger has full run of the place. And he's found the sonic surfboard.

  • EP47 Poker Face

    Disaster at the app studio! When Talking Tom loses a bet, The Landlord becomes the new CEO of Tom and Ben Enterprises and turns it into a cleaning company. Bored and full of mischief, Talking Ginger decides he's the only one who can make it right. Will he be able to get the company and his friends back?

  • EP46 The Voice Switch

    That doesn't sound right! All the gang's voices have been switched around because of an invention malfunction, but with Talking Angela's gig a few hours away the clock's ticking! Will they fix her voice in time?

  • EP45 Funny Robot Galileo

    It's laugh night at the app studio! But not because of Talking Ben's terrible jokes. Worried his act will flop at the CEO's birthday party later, Ben invents a comedy robot. But the laughter soon stops when the robot decides to bring down Tom and Ben Enterprises. Will they stop him in time?

  • EP44 Love Formula

    Talking Ben + a nerdy girl at the Grape Geek store = the formula for love? The chemistry is right, and setting up the first date is just a formality. But it all ends up like an experiment gone wrong when Ben tries to follow the advice from both Talking Tom and Talking Angela. Is Ben destined to be alone, or will he play his cards right?

  • EP43 Parallel Universe

    Two Talking Toms?! After Tom ignores Talking Ben's warning about touching the science equipment, he accidentally opens a wormhole to a parallel universe! On the other side he meets alternate versions of all his friends - including a Talking Angela with a crush on him! Will Tom want to go home or will he be tempted to stay?

  • EP42 Hank's New Job

    An ice cream sundae leads to a disaster for Talking Hank - he has to get a job! Soon his 9-to-5 starts to take over his life and it's up to Talking Tom and the gang to show him that there are more important things than washing dishes.

  • EP41 Angela the Cheerleader

    It's Barracudas vs. Piranhas! And only moments before the big game, Talking Angela finds herself right in the middle of a basketball fan rivalry. With a career opportunity on one side and her friends on the other, Angela tries to sing her way out of the situation. Will she win the hearts of the crowd or lose the trust of her friends?

  • EP40 Germinator 2: Zombies

    Jeremy the Germ is back. Using Talking Ben to do his germy dirty work, Jeremy sits back to watch the zombie germ apocalypse spread through the neighborhood. But Talking Tom and the gang aren't going down without a fight. Will they cure everyone before it's too late?

  • EP39 Heatwave

    It's getting hot in here. When the thermostat breaks, it falls on Talking Ben to hack the system and restore the righteous temperature to all. But everyone breaks a cold sweat when he makes it freezing instead. Can the gang get their cool back when too much power pushes Ben over the top?

  • EP38 The Famous Monster

    There's no business like show business. When Talking Tom steals the scene from Talking Angela, the fame quickly goes to his head. But his big break backfires right in his face, leaving him with a frozen expression. Now it's time to act his way out of a paper bag before his scary look is unmasked.

  • EP37 Daddy Ben

    It's a boy! Cleaning the garage was supposed to be a dull job. But when Talking Ben becomes a dad to a computer kid, his day goes from boring to parenting at light speed! Can Ben learn everything about dadhood in just a few hours?

  • EP36 Friends Forever

    Angela gives Tom, Ben, and Hank a thing that means friendship, but something goes wrong with it.

  • EP35 Online Romance

    Free milkshake day is a highlight of the social calendar. But when Talking Tom gets distracted from his real friends by his online #BFFs, things quickly go from dairy to dreary. It's up to Talking Angela to log online and save Tom from himself in the name of #friendship.

  • EP34 Jetpack Ninja

    Once a ninja, always a ninja. Talking Hank gives Talking Ginger a lesson in the mysterious ways of a warrior. But the young grasshopper doesn't always have the patience for learning mad ninja skills. When a jetpack gets involved, it becomes an uphill battle to fight for good, not evil.

  • EP33 Angela's Secret

    Forbidden fruit has never been less sweet. Talking Tom knows that Talking Angela is a health nut, but that doesn't explain the amount of fruit in her house. Convinced she's gone bananas, he does what anyone does in stressful situations...eat. Can the gang consume all the evidence to protect their friend, or will this just make them thick as thieves?

  • EP32 Lost Friend Will Zee

    Talking Tom's long-lost childhood pal Will Zee comes crashing in for a visit. But Tom is thrown for a loop when Will turns out to be way cooler than the bed-wetter he remembers from summer camp. Now Will puts the hip in hipster, and shockingly, he might just be...even cooler than Tom.

  • EP31 Every Girl's Dream

    The perfect man does exist. Or at least that's what Talking Tom is bargaining for when he buys a "Perfect Man" starter kit to impress Talking Angela. As he tries to distract her from her celebrity crush, a massive fail shows him that practice doesn't always make perfect.

  • EP30 Tennis Kid

    In order to win the 8 and under tennis tournament. Ginger asks Tom to prepare for the tournament. Meanwhile Angla wants Ginger to win and beet a guy by the name of Darren.

  • EP29 Ghost Pirate Hunting

    Ahoy, matey! Talking Hank and Talking Ginger are true scallywags when they touch Talking Ben's computer without permission. They need to scourge the seven seas, or at least the garage, when a scary pirate ghost makes an appearance. Can they sail into safe waters, or will they be forced to walk the plank?

  • EP28 Tom's Love Song

    Talking Tom always has a trick up his sleeve. To get Talking Angela under his spell, he writes down some very personal song lyrics. But this only spells disaster when they fall into Talking Ginger's naughty hands. Tom sets out to master the art of magic before his deep secrets are revealed.

  • EP27 The Perfect Day

    Talking Tom's picture-perfect day comes to life after Talking Ben invents a cool simulator app. He realizes that with all the fame and fortune he could want, the only person who could really make his day special is Talking Angela. Will Tom make his move before he comes crashing down to reality?

  • EP26 Angela's Critic

    Talking Angela is forced to face the music when her new song gets a rotten review from a top critic. As her trademark positivity is put to the test, she needs a little help from her friends to turn a thumbs down situation into a thumbs up. Will Angela top the charts, or hit a sour note?

  • EP25 The Contest

    After when the power goes out, the gang try to not use technology for a whole day. And who ever wins will go to an island.

  • EP24 The Perfect Roommate

    It's not every day the floor of your house turns into a volcano. But when Talking Tom's living room becomes a lava room, he gets a chance to live with Talking Angela! With the rest of the gang there too, Tom fears that any hope of getting closer to Angela will turn to ashes.

  • EP23 CEO in Trouble

    When a person from the CEO comes into the gangs house during the winter. Tom releases that he is somebody famous and the gang try to help him.

  • EP22 Blanket Fort

    When Ginger and Hank build a fort in the basement of Tom's house, it kinda gets in the way. So Tom, Ben and Angela try to reclaim the fort.

  • EP21 Angela's Heckler

    When Angela has a heckler. Tom and Hank try to find who the Heckler is.

  • EP20 Doc Hank

    Hank gets an online medical degree. It turns out his lollipop cure can heal everyone but Ben.

  • EP19 Ping Pong Wizard

    Ping Pong wizards actually exist! Talking Ben rallies some table tennis trouble when his winning streak gets out of control. As an unlikely defender rises to challenge Ben's title, will Ben get served victory? Or has he finally met his match?

  • EP18 Glove Phone

    The gang waits for a new tech device, The Glove Phone.

  • EP17 Hank the Director

    When Hanks favorite TV show gets cancelled. He becomes a director and tells the gang to make his favorite show once again.

  • EP16 The Germinator

    Ben and Tom make a germ that goes big and he makes friends to be friends with them. Everyone but Ben anyways.

  • EP15 Think Hank

    When Ginger pretends to fall of a roof Hank tries to save him.

  • EP14 Big Ben

    While trying to make his audience laugh but doesn't work, Ben gets really fat then the audience laughs at him. Ginger does the same. And now Tom, Hank and Angla try figure out how to make him back to normal.

  • EP13 App-y Halloween!

    Ginger wants the gang to go trick or treating with him. But they don't want to. So he makes them. & if they disobey his orders he puts them in a scary app that they can't get out.

  • EP12 Hank the Millionaire

    Hank wins a million dollars & spends it on burgers.

  • EP11 Man on the Moon 2

    Ben has a date with The Moon.

  • EP10 Man on the Moon

    While on a best friends trip, Ben befriends The Moon.

  • EP9 Strategic Hot Mess

    Tom and Angela go on a date and pretend to kiss.

  • EP8 Ben's High Score

    Ben & Hank have a score torment on the app Flappy Tom.

  • EP7 Angela's Scarf

    Tom and Angela go to a Scarf contest.

  • EP6 Magnetic Ben

    Ben learns how to control his magnetic powers after being exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

  • EP5 Friendly Customer Service

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. At first Talking Tom is thrilled that his customer service answering machine wants to be everyone's BFF. But when Tom gets on the wrong side of the invention, he needs to pull the plug on this tough customer.

  • EP4 Future Tron

    You gotta check this out! Ben's Future Tron 6000 app showed us what the future could look like and it was totally whack!

  • EP3 Assertive App

    Ben and Tom made an assertiveness app… and, well, things got a bit out of hand!

  • EP2 Untalking Tom

    Before going to a contest. Tom loses his voice.

  • EP1 The Audition

    Tom is trying to get his own reality TV show. They do interviews on the characters.



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