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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Cha Dae Woong accidentally releases a troublesome Gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails, sealed inside a painting. Fleeing the scene, Dae Woong suffers a life-threatening fall and is only saved by the Gumiho, who gives him her "fox bead". When Dae Woong awake and meet a mysterious pretty girl, he initially treat her as eccentric or mentally ill, before fully understanding that she is a Gumiho in disguise. He agrees to stay with her and he tries to keep her happy, while hiding her true identity as a Gumiho from others by introducing her as his friend, Mi Ho. Slowly, however, he becomes less scared of her and more protective of her, and finally admitting to himself and to her that he loves her. As the story unfolds, Mi Ho pursues her goal of becoming human and stays with Dae Woong.

  • Release:
  • Rating:
  • Crew:
  • Cast:
  • Genre:
  • 2010-08-11
  • 7.6
  • Boo Sung-Chul / Hong Jeong-eun / Hong Mi-ran /
  • Park Soo-jin / Lee Seung-gi / No Min-woo / Kim Ho-chang / Byun Hee-bong /
  • Fantasy / Drama / Comedy / Romance /

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Seasons & Episodes

Season 1 | 16 Episodes
  • EP16 Episode 16

    Miho reveals the secret she's been keeping from Dongju from the start. Dae Wong and Miho's love for one another may prove to break the curse.

  • EP15 Episode 15

    After breaking things off with Miho, Dae Woong begins to regret his decision. Miho prepares to begin her new life with Dongju as Seonju Park.

  • EP14 Episode 13

    With their days together numbered, Dae Woong and Miho set out on a romantic date. Dongju convinces Hyein to try to keep Miho away.

  • EP13 Episode 14

    Miho and Dae Woong decide to take matters into their own hands, but they are unsure if their plan to save each other's lives has worked.

  • EP12 Episode 12

    After Dae Woong confesses his feelings to Miho, Dongju's suspicions about Miho prove to be more than coincidences.

  • EP11 Episode 11

    Hyein plans to make Miho jealous. Miho realizes she must learn to live without Dae Woong.

  • EP10 Episode 10

    Hyein discovers Miho's secret and threatens to tell. Miho tries to leave Dae Woong to avoid the rumors.

  • EP9 Episode 9

    Hyein continues her investigation on Miho and Dae Woong's relationship. Miho has yet to tell Dae Woong that she is becoming human and is losing her powers.

  • EP8 Episode 8

    Dae Woong begins to question his feelings for Miho. Hyein becomes suspicious about how Dae Woong and Miho met.

  • EP7 Episode 7

    Dae Woong is forced to choose between Hyein and Miho. Miho gets her first "human" job, and Dae Woong's new action skills get praise from his director.

  • EP6 Episode 6

    Dae Woong and Miho begin a relationship to cover their special situation. Miho starts to become more human.

  • EP5 Episode 5

    Dae Woong believes that Miho has left him and taken the magic orb. Believing he's free, he moves back into his grandfather's house.

  • EP4 Episode 4

    Away from Dae Woong, Miho's magic starts to fade, and she begins to return to her natural form. Dae Woong has a change of heart.

  • EP3 Episode 3

    Dae Woong finds it hard to balance his new relationship with Miho and his other female friends. Miho must constantly remind Dae Woong about why he's still alive.

  • EP2 Episode 2

    With nowhere to go, Dae Woong is stuck with Miho, who wants to be human in exchange for giving Dae Woong her magic orb.

  • EP1 Episode 1

    Dae Woong dreams of becoming a famous actor. Miho dreams of being set free. The two meet by chance when Dae Woong unwittingly frees her from the painting.



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