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Sex Life

A voyeuristic documentary series about titillating sexual and erotic experiences.

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  • 2019-06-14
  • 6.9
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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 2 | 8 Episodes
  • EP8 Desire Is An Angel

    Secret desires come to life on a weekend retreat, a sexy couple sheds their clothes and their inhibitions to teach better lovemaking, how to keep the heat going while sheltering-in-place.

  • EP7 Monogamish

    Get your Chakra energies on with Sex Magik, 3 Blondeshells bring intimacy into the 21st century, Bedroom tips with resident sexperts Amp and Kris.

  • EP6 How To Get Wet

    The seductive art of underwater nude photography, a female porn star navigates her personal relationship, a gay male perspective on keeping the sexual fire alive.

  • EP5 Women On Top

    Learn to have a healthy threesome, a comedy trio gets schooled on women’s orgasms and dominatrix Mistress Tara cracks the whip.

  • EP4 Whip it Up

    LUX ATL coaches women to reclaim themselves through sensuality and sexuality. A lesbian filmmaker sets out to redefine the porn industry. And one couple explores the art of flogging with expert guide, Midori.

  • EP3 Shake, Rattle & Ride

    Experience a Trans-inclusive strip show. A couple let their freak flags fly – Remotely! Atlanta swingers attend a sexed-up party on a tricked-out bus.

  • EP2 Paddles, Ropes & Alchemy

    A polyamorous couple explores same-sex fantasies. Women awaken their erotic sensuality on a journey toward self- empowerment.

  • EP1 Loosen Up, It's Just Sex!

    Enter an exclusive sex club for women only, learn the wonders of anal play, and see how big data is changing porn.

  • EP8 Great Sex is...

    Explore your wild side with animal role play, retreat with a troubled couple to reconnect and clown around with a surprising dominatrix.

  • EP7 Smoke, Paint, Love.

    Toke your way to better sex, learn a new way to mix Love and Art and go high tech with long distance lovers.

  • EP6 Sugar High

    Have your cake and play in it too? Sex Life explores sploshing, cam-girls, and a polyamorous dinner party.

  • EP5 Dungeons and Unicorns

    Swing by a lifestyle party, enjoy the intense burlesque of Michelle L'amor, and look behind the curtain at an LA dungeon.

  • EP4 Go with the flow

    Visit a Millennial sex club, explore the marriage enriching joys of a tantric three-way, and witness a sexy world-record attempt.

  • EP3 Rope, Tits and Tears

    Ordinary people with extraordinary sexual desires learn the ropes from a Japanese bondage expert, find their Tantric soul mates, and empower themselves through pole dancing.

  • EP2 The Strip and the Tease

    Sex Life invites you to an erotic dinner, a glamourous burlesque show and a three way with a surprising guest.

  • EP1 This is My Sex Life

    Join an erotic sleepover, experience the seduction of VR porn, and rekindle your sex life after a long illness.



If you've been hesitant to watch Sex Life because you think it's just for kids, you'll be surprised to learn the show is for a wider audience. ... Sex Life as Documentary movie can also be very brutal and tense. Sex Life is definitely the most romantic sexy tv show ever. I am an Sex Life fanatic and I watch everything so i can say i have some knowledge to say this. I am not a romantic person and Sex Life makes my heart ache in a good and painful way. Sex Life so good that you BINGE watch all seasons in a week or 2 max. The scenario is beautiful, Sex Life beautifully done it with costumes and the accents are amazing. The Documentary film history involves you and takes you back in time and ALL YOU THINK DAY AND NIGHT IS CLAIRE AND JAMIE, their loyal, selfless, crazy, honest, sexy hot love ! The sex scenes of Sex Life make you blush even watching alone and you better have a partner or some kinda of creativity if you know what I mean.

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