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Covert security company Vanguard is the last hope of survival for an accountant after he is targeted by the world's deadliest mercenary organization.

  • Release:
  • Rating:
  • Crew:
  • Cast:
  • Genre:
  • 2020-01-25
  • 6.20
  • Stanley Tong / Nathan Wang / Eddie Wong /
  • Barret Coates / Fady Zaky / Sayed Badreya / Jackie Chan / Can Aydin /
  • Action / Adventure /

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I like watch the movie Vanguard, it is a great thriller movie for 2020, for when I’m in the mood for all the creep and suspense without the scare or horror. And Vanguard don’t get me wrong, I have a horror review page but sometimes, I just want a good [genre_movie] and this is a segment from a Vanguard review I did and this Vanguard movie represents perfectly what I like about them. A Action movie about engaged in seriously controversial research, being the dead back to life. Vanguard full movie with actors and actress work and the effects of an experimental subject. I watch a number of Action movies that could be described as thrillers of one sort or another. I find Vanguard full movie with the appeal to be that it allows me to vicariously participate in events that are more exciting than my day-to-day existence, and in the movie Vanguard then have that visit end on a satisfactory note, something sorely in short supply in real life. In the Vanguard movie author can create believable and engaging characters and semi-plausible but unusual plots, so much the better. Just watch free Vanguard movie for full online at 1234movies.online site.